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Pewaukee, WI

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Sarah has been helping people for 2 years
Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals (AFDNP)
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)
Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN)
Association for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

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About me

I am a health & wellness enthusiast & love working with people. As soon as I made the decision to work in the natural medicine world decades ago, I knew it was the right choice--it aligns perfectly with my personality & passion.
I am a daughter of Jesus Christ, a spirited, still developing woman, the wife of a wonderful, supportive husband, & the mother of two really cool kids. I love spending time with my family & my friends (who I truly feel are extensions of my soul). I love to travel, see new places & eat new foods. I am a recovering perfectionist, so I'm now trying to be 'perfect' at accepting my imperfections. (I clearly still need work.) Joking aside, I really try to embrace (with myself & help my clients to embrace) the real notion of progress, not perfection. I want to see all people truly be well in all areas of their lives.

My Philosophy of Care

Since 1999 I have made a career coaching healthcare practitioners on bringing lifestyle & natural medicine options into their treatment plans & have gotten to see them help their patients get well as a result. I also wanted the ability & privilege of working directly with patients to help get them well. I wanted to be on those 'front lines' working directly with those struggling & help get them better.

I now help those who are trying to do the 'healthy' things but are struggling with their health, don't know why & don't know how to fix it.

This was me for so many years--struggling even though I was eating well, exercising, & supplementing well. I had all the tools at my disposal & should have been able to 'fix' myself but I just couldn't. My 'IBS' was so bad & negatively impacted almost every single day of my life. I was feeling more stress internally & externally, & I saw & felt my body & mind aging more rapidly. I knew it was unacceptable.

My training not only equipped me to help others but it also 'saved' me. I was able to find out the reasons why my health was struggling & learned how to really be targeted so that I could finally be on the road to fixing it.

This is what I do for my clients. I provide access to functional lab testing to finally find out the underlying causes as to why they are struggling with their health. Then I create targeted, individualized self-treatment plans for them to help them get & stay well. It is beyond rewarding to see those 'aha' moments & those struggles disappear to be replaced with victories.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

My goal is that my clients feel cared for, listened to, validated & ultimately hopeful & inspired to pursue real answers & solutions to their struggles.
Many of my clients feel they have exhausted their options. Many of them feel like conventional treatments have failed them & have not provided the care they need. Many are frustrated & don't know where to turn next but know they cannot continue on the path they are on.
I show them a different way & provide continued support & clear plans of action that help them finally feel hopeful & excited about their future.

My Inspiration

The REIFY way of utilizing functional lab testing & holistic lifestyle coaching is different in so many ways from conventional/traditional medical care. The testing that is done is more comprehensive & detailed & is always correlated back to how the client is feeling & functioning. We do not care about 'normal' values on a lab test. We care about optimal, & if the client is not feeling his/her best, 'normal' lab values are meaningless. We also use these tests to really uncover real reasons for why the client is struggling--they serve a real function & targeted purpose, looking outside the conventional 'boxes'
The support & guidance one gets with holistic coaching is on-going & comprehensive. A client is not left on his/her own with a simple 'let's check back in 3 months' plan. Regular support & check-in sessions are provided throughout the client's program with detailed emphasis on all things that impact health--how to eat, how to take care of rest/sleep health, exercise guidance, stress-reduction strategies, & targeted self-treatment supplementation support.
The ultimate goal is not to simply see lab values improve but to see the client reach health goals & finally feel equipped, empowered & victorious.

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Sarah Cady, FDN-P

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