Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC

Energy Medicine Professional and Thermography medical imaging technician

Natural Harmony LLC

Biofield Tuning, Biosyntonie, Mediumship, Past Life Regression, Thermography Please view my website: for all my trainings and testimonials.

Oakland, NJ

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5.0 of 5 (1)
Thank you so much for helping me with a broken shoulder. After two Biosyntonie sessions my range of motion increased considerably. The physical therapist commented on my improvement. –

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About me

I am an energy medicine professional offering in-person and virtual sessions.
Biofield Tuning using tuning forks. In person or virtually.
Biosyntonie using Earth's vortex energy. In-person.
Spirit communication for closure and messages. In-person or virtually.
Past Life Regression to understand life and relationships. In-person.
Thermographic Medical Imaging. In-person.

My healing sessions focus on assisting your energy to be of the optimum level for health. Since I work virtually to wherever I am called to serve by the client, there is no need to be in-person and there is no need to feel well. Consider my session to be a virtual house call, to make you feel better physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. I am a conduit for divine intervention.

Thermography is a non-invasive way to get medical images for preventative screening purposes or to track progress of treatment. Many women come in for breast thermography, but the whole body can be imaged with the infrared camera. All reports are done by licensed medical doctors.

I am the author of Healing a Desperate Heart, about relationships and how to have compassion and forgiveness in order to let go of relationships that didn't work and make way for better relationships now. You can find it on Barnes & Noble as an e-book or buy a printed copy directly from me.

My Philosophy of Care

All of my work is spiritually based except for medical thermography. Having a variety of talents and skills I can call on any or all of them as needed for the client's session. Each client is a unique individual and each session is catered to their unique needs. Expect the unexpected as we work together for your improvement.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Be open to new ideas, an education as I work with you, and results achieved in new and inspiring ways.

My Inspiration

I have long been inquisitive of the power of the mind and the ability to work with spirit. I have had training as a medium, but never wanted to stop there in my spiritual work. If I can channel messages from those beyond the veil, then I can also channel healing from that realm. To be a healer was the ultimate goal and to use my God-given inherited gifts.

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Questions & Answers

Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC Answers
Apart from what is mentioned below, most people do not consider the environment created by our wireless technology. Body aches and pains, heart rhythm issues, cellular stress, and brain function issues are common side effects. These invisible waves moving 24/7 though our environment are affecting everyone and your brain fog may be one of the symptoms you are aware of. You can find peer-reviewed research on by typing relevant search terms like Wi-Fi health hazards, etc. I can send you a power-point document on this issue if you want to know more.
Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC Answers
FIR Tourmaline Tape works perfectly for a client of mine. She orders regularly so she can sleep at night and she uses it when flying as well. The cloth tape has powdered tourmaline in it which has a far-infrared effect when it is warmed by body heat. The effect is an increase in circulation and oxygenation of tissues, which relaxes the muscles. As an energy practitioner I would also try to release the trauma associated with this issue for a permanent fix. I do sell the tape and use it when needed for bumps and bruises.

Rev. Susan Bischak Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)
Thank you so much for helping me with a broken shoulder. After two Biosyntonie sessions my range of motion increased considerably. The physical therapist commented on my improvement. –

Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC
1 Reviews

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