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I first met Suzanne a little over a year ago. At that time I was struggling with career decisions and having difficulty coming to grips with what I really wanted to make my life's work. We all have certain blocks and self-imposed limitations. Suzanne helped me to calm my mind so that I could more clearly see and deal with the issues that had been holding me back from pursuing my dreams. I learned to trust Suzanne's skill, her genuine concern for me, and her tenacity in helping me get unstuck and moving forwards my goals.
I came to Suzanne several weeks ago to hel me get back in the mindset of working on music and taking care of my body, Three hours later I was singing up for a gym membership, and have practicing guitar everyday. I highly recommend Suzanne for people who want a medication-free way of changing their mindser and habits.
Recently I was Hypnotized and Suzanne Kellner-Zinck was able to help me Access my Memory and actually can Recall what happened 9 Years ago the day I was run over on my Harley and it brought a LOT of Closure to the Emotions I have had this whole time...  Suzanne was also able to Help me with some Personal Goals and she is in Los Angeles for a few weeks and will eventually be Moving here so if you ever NEED to Fix something Broken in your Life - Use her... Keith Kwazar - California
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Suzanne has been helping people for 20 years
Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, & TIme Line Therapy (R)
The Tad James Company
Medical Sociology
Ashford University

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About me

After working in the world of conventional psychiatry, I realized their had to be a more humanistic way to help my clients, then by over medicating them and infantalizing them. After searching for awhile I came across hypnotism. I have overlaid hypnotism on to all that I have learned from conventional mental health and my time in nursing school (I did 1.5 years of a 2 year LPN degree, not liking the way my instructors interacted with the patients on the wards at all.)

In my search to help my clients , I was able to use different forms of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming to overcome bipolar 2 ( according to the psychiatrist who treated me for over 13 years), bronchial asthma, for which my convention doctor had no viable treatment and visualized a non-cancerous brain tumor (according to the 2 year post proton treatment MRIs - the proton treatment could stop the growth but not shrink the 2.2 cm tumor according to the neurological radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital who treated me. All three conditions the conventional doctors would say are uncurable!

Your mind is the most powerful treater in the world, you just need to have a competent facilitator help you access your UNconscious and higher conscious mind to free you from what ails you.

Do understand that those who have had a history of psychotic breaks, are dealing with
schizophrenia or have personality disorders are not well suited for hypnosis as a healing modality. The client needs to be able to stay focused on the process. So, those with an IQ of 70 or less would also not be good candidates for treatment by hypnosis. I have personally been doing hypnotism since 2002 and in the world of psychiatry since 1993. If it can be done, we will figure it out. If it can’t I will refer you to someone who is a better fit for your particular needs.

My Philosophy of Care

I come from a family with serious mental illness, so have been brought up having to deal with it from a very early age. When I was in my early 30’s I finally realized that I had a true gift for working with those with emotional issues. My clients have been both my best teachers and are my heroes for all they have had to conTend with and rising above it all to become happy and productive individuals, especially the younger adults I have had the honor to treat over the years.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Though they have already gone through a free consultation to tell me what their needs and objectives are as best they understand them at that point and I have told them about the process I use, they are still very surprised at what they experienced. This is because the first session in most cases is a Detailed Personal History where I am able to tell them their greater problem ( the reason for their presenting problems) while helping them to uNderstand why these Issues occurred in very different and easy to understand language then their conventional providers ever did. Secondly, they have a much better understanding of their own objectives - their compelling future which is really the most important part of the healing journey. Getting rid of the problem is 20% of the program, the remaining 80% of the program is helping the client reach their healthier, lighter and brighter way of living, minus the constraints their emotional issues created. That is a lot of value from just 1 session!

My Inspiration

Hypnotism uses the part of your brain that doesn’t judge, reason or rationalize, allowing you to transform on healthy negative emotions to positive healthy emotions, while letting go of limiting beliefs.

We use the most natural state of hypnosis, something you are in and out of every day, but don’t realize because you don’t know what it is, to help heal you without any invasive means whatsoever, quicker and easier than any other modality I know of.

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Suzanne Kellner-Zinck Reviews

5.0 of 5 (6)
I first met Suzanne a little over a year ago. At that time I was struggling with career decisions and having difficulty coming to grips with what I really wanted to make my life's work. We all have certain blocks and self-imposed limitations. Suzanne helped me to calm my mind so that I could more clearly see and deal with the issues that had been holding me back from pursuing my dreams. I learned to trust Suzanne's skill, her genuine concern for me, and her tenacity in helping me get unstuck and moving forwards my goals.
I came to Suzanne several weeks ago to hel me get back in the mindset of working on music and taking care of my body, Three hours later I was singing up for a gym membership, and have practicing guitar everyday. I highly recommend Suzanne for people who want a medication-free way of changing their mindser and habits.
Recently I was Hypnotized and Suzanne Kellner-Zinck was able to help me Access my Memory and actually can Recall what happened 9 Years ago the day I was run over on my Harley and it brought a LOT of Closure to the Emotions I have had this whole time...  Suzanne was also able to Help me with some Personal Goals and she is in Los Angeles for a few weeks and will eventually be Moving here so if you ever NEED to Fix something Broken in your Life - Use her... Keith Kwazar - California
So, I was miserable in my job and I wasn't able to get myself motivated to make the change.  I actually did not even realize I needed to make the change at the time. I enjoyed my job, but I was  going nowhere and my supervisor was a micromanager that I found extremely hard to work for. I knew this much, but did not really realize just how much it was affecting my health and my mental well being. My boss was a little "Napoleon" as we "affectionately" called him.  All we, my (co-workers and I) did, was complain about him to one another and share how much we literally hated him. He was depressed and just a "downer" person. Now, I am a somebody, and I count and I matter. I am appreciated and valued and do a damn good job, but the difference is I am told this by my current boss. I was able to make this change with Suzanne's help. She pointed out just how much this one man was affecting my health and how I gave away my power each time I went in to work for this man. Now, I go to work and I laugh with my co-workers. I enjoy my new job just as much as my old job, but now I perform my job much better knowing I am appreciated by my current boss. So happens, I am up for a promotion in April, which I know would have never happened in my old job. I go home feeling good about myself and I even sleep better. I owe it all to Suzanne for getting me to do what I needed to do, but was unable to get myself to do. She pointed out what I knew, but also stressed just how much it was affecting me, something I could not really see for myself.  Donna N.
Stranger Able Diva sent to save my son by The Almighty 24th May 2011 The Background I left my country Kenya on 14th May 2011. I reside in Nairobi, working with smallholder farmers in several locations in the country. I am a graduate of Michigan State University (PhD Agricultural Engineering (Farm Power and Machinery, 1987). I was put on Planet Earth by the Almighty, to empower and bless resource-poor rural Africa entrepreneurs applying themselves in innovative businesses across Conservation Agriculture value-chains – from farm to market. I left Nairobi with three main missions this May. 1) to understand why my son, an able student had been having a continuous decline in academic performance for the last three years, a situation that has gotten worse since he joined Faculty of Engineering, University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. 2) to attend The Authority Formula Entrepreneurs (3-day) Conference in Denver, Colorado, hosted by SimpleWealth Inc. under the Theme: Engage Today: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve Freedom Without Compromise. Attending the U2 concert (a Group grossly admired by my son) on May 22nd, was a bonus addition, aligned to match the conference by The Almighty. 3) to attend the Solar Power training course in Germany between May 30th and June 11th, 2011 - on my way back home. I arrived at UBC to find a son who was visibly excited to have me around. He met me at the airport with a gift in his hand. At UBC, we spent time talking heart to heart, going to see his Academic advisors etc. We spent much time talking about the present and the past visit we had here as a family in December 2010 etc. etc. What remained clear was my son was different from one day to the next, appearing to have a dark side that occasionally caught him in deep reflection, a noticeable trait as one talked to him. All in all, we had a happy reunion, getting busy by Day 3 of my visit, in preparation to leave for Denver. As a parent, I could not help noticing in the 3 days together that my son had grown in a lot of ways. In Africa we say, (like a chick), if you want a son to grow, get him from under the wings of the mother! My son Munene was visibly proud to teach me how to catch buses at UBC. He was happy to take me to places where I would buy us dinner, one evening after the other. The talks were ever deeper but I could tell and he somewhat admitted that a narrowly veiled curtain (present even in December 2010), cut out the true connect, sometimes bringing out the negative energy he has appeared to harbor over a long time now. Munene was always a son who was very selective of the company he kept, appearing to struggle with finding and keeping more than a single or two close friends. As parents we have always found the need to ask our son about himself as we directed him on how to be happier and more in control of happenings. Our son would occasionally produce tantrums of deep hunger and at the same time, apparent frustration. Since coming to UBC we had observed that, now that he was on his own, he could close communication by not answering his phone or appearing at the scheduled Sunday Evening Skype call. His brother who is at IMG Soccer academy in Florida and University of Miami would show up at the love-call, without fail, sending apologies in advance or after, when schedules would not allow the call to go on. Kimathi, his younger and only sibling (brother) was once a victim of Munene’s unpredictable ‘explosions’. The mother and I were occasionally frustrated by lost efforts at trying to be good and humble loving advisors. Words of advice were often met with a harsh look and harsh statement, like from one who is not listening. He would act like he is in control, disrupting you, before you finish a second sentence. Despite apologies that would come no less than a day later, one would feel and wonder what exactly was going on. It is hard for a parent to feel free when they are sure they are not in the know, regarding their teenage son, let alone one living alone at 19 in a foreign land. A locked mobile phone, not even set-up to take messages, plus an unpredictable no-show behavior at the Sunday evening Skype love-calls was always hard to take, particularly so, for Munene’s Mom. This is the Mom who would have wanted to accompany him and settle him on arrival at UBC.  As a man in development, he came alone and he felt like a hero, but there was always a but… In Comes the Diva Notice, above, I have been talking of our son and his happenings in the past tense. This is because this last week was magical in every way and our son, (see below) is a completely different person, as I write. In Denver, it was a busy entrepreneurs’ conference. We had a late session on Day One, May 19, 2011. We were already loaded with shock regarding how spiritual the persons present at this conference were. It was not the bunch of money-concious gurus we had prepared to be around. We were sincerely not expecting the love that was in the air and in every sentence. Not from this lot, many of whom were self-made millionaires by age 35! Long story short, we were in awe of how well we had been received, a father and his 19 year old son all the way from Africa!  To crown the first day’s warm events, we sat at a late dinner, bringing tables together to sit in a group. We soon learnt we were on an after-hours dining process. Nevertheless we were exchanging with a passionate and friendly over-worked waiter who did not let us notice, in case he was struggling to keep those in the kitchen (working late) as passionate as he was. To occupy the sit between my son and I, arrived, from nowhere a fast talking and confident American lady. She would not put her hand bag off her shoulder, carried away and excited to exchange with this young African man. After I managed to catch-up with what she was about, I noticed she was talking good stuff for a son that needed to feel he belongs, among senior investors. Long story short, my son and this person (who I later learnt was The Diva) connected in deepest of ways. When I caught-up with the Diva (aka Suzanne Kellner-Zinck of Dawning Visions) I learnt that she was a Hypnotist, a word that for me read like the African Witch! Long story short: I learnt by bed-time that my son Munene had quickly gained respect of the Diva. They later talked a lot. By the end of the following busy and great learning day, around the peripheries of the Conference cocktail, Munene was hypnotized! I am sure it was a good experience since after the session, he ran to tell me about it, bearing a broad smile. I eventually left him thoroughly engaged with adults in the cocktail hall, smiley and warm. He later showed up in our posh 2 Queen bed Suite of the Embassy Suites Hotel, located near the 40 foot tall Blue Bear that curiously looks down into the Denver Convention Centre. All too tired we fell asleep quickly, both of us still dazed by the happenings of the day. It’s only Day 2 In the morning I saw a smile on my son’s face, one that I will never forget. I say this probably because of the statement that accompanied the smile: “I feel younger today!!”  Wow! That, from a young man who had been mostly dull, or cold in a general sense. We went through yet another day of great learning. After coffee break, the speaker at the gathering was John Assaraf a Guru and Billionaire of The Secret movie and a hero of Munene’s Mom. Munene is very familiar with Assaraf’s role in the movie. His Mom has used many examples from his teachings to strengthen her son. For some reason John’s session hit my son very hard. Seated next to me he whispered that he was not feeling well. I quickly thought of food poisoning or probably some Asthma attack, but it was none of these. I inspired him to stay on till Lunch Break when we would get some reprieve and more input from the Doctor and newly found buddy, The Diva. He promised to remain strong. For the rest of the session he was like someone in a daze, looking like he was nursing a harsh headache. He assured me it was psychological, not clinical. At lunch break the Diva came over and we both encouraged my son. She reminded him of a pending exercise, ‘writing down your feelings”! Munene chose to write them, there and then. I got the feeling the Diva knew that this would help as part of his healing. As he got down to writing, I went with the Diva for lunch. It was time to help her understand more about Munene’s background. I was already impressed with how true the aspects she had discovered about Munene’s upbringing were. Things had moved too fast and my son was definitely overwhelmed about the changes happening in him, not to mention his presence at an event of successful, inspiring and warmly spiritual adults. I suspect it was the presentation by Mr. Assaraf that “broke” Munene’s back! Indeed he talked about understanding the human mind, the conscious versus the subconscious levels, habit changing and how life is not supposed to be difficult, if only we do not let our minds control us etc. etc. The Diva had talked about the same, calling it by its medical practice name “hypnosis”. Both were about reaching and changing the sub-concious mind. I now understand that Munene’s problem had everything to do with his mind and the topic touched him deeply, to understand a situation that somewhat “confused” if not “scare” him. At lunch the Diva explained that my son’s treatment of the previous day was incomplete and the talk by his mother’s Guru about a subject matter around which he had “failed” his Mom, hit him hard. This was deep stuff. Interestingly and according to the Law of Attraction, Munene’s mom called on my cell phone as I was meeting the Diva. The Diva got to tell her patient’s Mom about process in person, albeit briefly. In the afternoon after closure of the Conference the Diva fortunately found a couple of hours to hypnotize Munene again, a chance to complete the job. I attended this session and played an active role. Right in front of my eyes and talking from the subconscious mind, I witnessed my son confront a kindergarten molestation he had had. I witnessed the process of him bringing it all to the current day and telling off the molesters. He was directed to point out what was wrong with harbouring bad feelings as much as stating what was the good learning he had from both experiences. I saw my son breath very hard as he literally extracted the bad feelings from the past and “burnt them in a pit”. He went on to receive my assurance and my hugs while he was still in the deep level state.  When he “woke-up” after one and a half hours, my son was made to read what he had written down about his life experience. I must say it sounded very poetic, bringing out a level of literacy skills I had not known my son to have. I also noticed that while hypnotized my son was more fluent than usual. This was an awesome experience for me and definitely for my son as well. Again, to cut a long story short, I have personally, and since the treatment witnessed the changes in my son. It’s only a few days since this wonderful support process by this amazing Diva. This is an Angel that only the Almighty can claim credit for bringing into my family. I have noticed the son that I once knew at 4 years old. Regaining confidence. He will soon be what I knew of him: able to sing in public, able to take criticism, able to maneuver through complex problem solving, assembling complex Engineering structures on Lego, if not self-made castles on the sands of Mombasa beach, etc. I believe I am not mistaken or trying to see what I want to see in my son. He himself has told me the changes about what he is feeling, regaining a bounce to see the current and dream about a bright future. Late last evening I wrote the following personal email to the Mom (My Wife Rachel), of which I am willing to share for other parents to learn. She is 9 hours ahead of UBC time: Hi Raay, Hope you had a truly restful night, last night. Had dinner with your son this evening. I must say he is a very different person. He is warm and smiley. He says Maths today was the kind he finds easy. He said the herbal tea in the Chinese restaurant where he has eaten with friends severally, was tasting different and good today. He had several helpings and did not drink more than tasting much of it before. He also said that the Campus is looking very beautiful. The BUTs and doubts seem to be really gone. He went on to say he will download his skype update to make it possible to do conferencing. He talked of us skyping with you and Kim together. He said himself, ”I cannot believe I am now the one demanding Skype” I thought you might want to know this very easily observable development and trend… God is great. Love.   PK With all the ongoing I promise to put this material and more in a book, for the world to read. It is the only way I can thank nature, (The Law of Attraction), and The Almighty for bringing love, change and confidence, so deserved by our 19 year old. I have come to learn that this young man was a walking confusion, living with the fears of a 4 year old but yearning to be with those older than him. These were the ones he could trust. Not age-mates that he lost trust for, way back in kindergarten. This is truly a new beginning and as a family we are totally blown away. Long live the Diva and her type, who are willing to shower one more soul with love and impact, for a better world. Pascal Kaumbutho PhD CEng MIAgrE
I was living in a program run by the Department of Mental health and the Department of Social Services for Children and Families (Formally DSS) for kids with mental health problems. I was placed in this program because I had serious anger issues starting when I was nine years old. They lasted until I was 17 years old, just in time to start the new school year at Lowell, High School. When I arrived at the second program at the age of 15, I found it little overwhelming at first, being a different environment from the previous residential program. I was originally placed in the first program because of all my violent outbursts and behaviors and most of all to protect my younger siblings having been found to have touched my younger brother in inappropriate ways. This behavior began when I was 5 ½ years old, too young to even realize that what I was doing was inappropriate. I was restrained 4 times a week, 3 times a day because of my anger and violence, throwing shoes and other things at the staff. I was defiant, unwilling to listen to the staff as a result of internal rage. I was too young at the time to even understand where all this rage was coming from. I didn’t understand why I was angry or why I was acting out, though I did realize that I was doing these things and that I was really angry. My 9 year old self was angry with the staff, because in my 9 year old mind, the staff were pissing me off, making it reasonable for me to act out in this way. I was really good at sabotaging anything that was going well, believing that I deserved “bad things.” That continued until I was 15 years old. At 15 years old I moved over to the second program for kids 15 years and older. In the second program with the change involved, I became enraged, while continuing to sabotage anything that was going well in my life. When I first arrived at the second program I was restrained every day on average of 2 times a day. This lasted for the first 6 months I was there. From that point my anger and behavior started to slow down, mellowing out somewhat, though it was still present, still finding myself being restrained 4 times a week, 3 times a day. When I had explained to my therapist at the second program about touching my brother for the very first time, she told me that behavior was “not okay”, it was the behavior of a “pedofile,” to which I said, “No, I am not, because I don’t do what they do, having watched the news every morning, where I learned about what true pedofiles do. No, I have no inclination to touch kids.” Next the program had an outside consultant do a risk assessment for sexual assault to another person, to see if I would “reoffend” on the sexual behavior. They asked questions in a accusatory and degrading tone of voice like: Do I feel I sexually aggressive toward this female?”, meaning a female teen client in the program. I answered, “No, I don’t.” They asked “How do I feel towards her?” I said, “If I could, I would run away with her.” With that they decided that I was at risk for being sexually aggressive and reoffending in the future. They took my answer totally out of context with my actual meaning, being that I wanted to run away with her in a caring, loving way, having nothing to do with a sexually demeaning manner as they wrongly interpreted my response.  At the time I didn’t even understand the difference between “liking” a girl vs. “loving” a girl. I never really understood till much later why I needed time to get to know the girl. I knew I “liked” and I “thought” I “loved” her. Later on in life, about two years ago, (at 22 years old) during Christmas time I was dating that very same girl. It was then that I realized that it wouldn’t work between us. We fought a lot, she was lazy, where I was staying home watching her infant daughter as she slept, having me basically run the household with me paying all the bills. I moved out of there because of her daughter when the landlord wasn’t keeping the home warm enough or the property up to code. While I was at the second program I had been getting hospitalized for suicidal ideations, going as far as:  putting scratches in my arm, hitting my head against the wall trying to knock myself out, and at one point I was crapping in the “quiet room” at the program demonstrating my total displeasure. One day, my mother and father told me that they were taking me out to lunch. While we had our lunch they told me that there was someone that they wanted me to see. I had a little understanding of hypnotism, with my father appreciating what hypnotism could do, he having studied it a bit.  Running this idea by me, explaining a little more about it, I was really nervous at time, not really sure about the idea. But, than they told me I was going to see Suzanne Kellner-Zinck. After lunch we waited for the appointed time for our initial meeting. Then I met Suzanne and found her to be a very quick talking women, feeling a little overwhelmed. However, I also realized that my parents wanted me to get alternative help for all that me and my family had gone through for the previous 11.5 years. Understand that I was all of not quite 17 years old at the time I met Suzanne. When we had gotten there, Suzanne had written two types of contracts for all of us to sign. The first was the contract that stated my parents had to agree to do whatever Suzanne told them to, without argument allowing me to get my own treatment - accepting that I needed to be allowed to talk. They couldn’t tell me what I could or couldn’t say, unable to argue about anything that happened in the treatment room with Suzanne. That contract surprised me, because normally a therapist has to tell me how the treatment is to progress. In this situation I found that I controlled my own treatment which gave me new hope for my future. The second contract was a contract specifically written for me with three conditions I needed to agree to for the treatment to even begin. The first condition stated in the contract was to agree that I was willing to do whatever it would take to be treated without wasting my parents and Suzanne’s time. The second condition was for me to agree to let Suzanne know if she did anything that pissed me off, realizing that this could happen, yet letting know that I had to work it out with her. The final condition being that if I was confused about anything at all that she was doing or saying, that I had to ask her to explain until I totally understood and I was willing to comply. That contract made me a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure how well the treatment was going to work, though I was willing to do whatever it took. The reason that I went forward was because my parents had faith in my being able to overcome my difficulties using this treatment, especially because my father had a good knowledge about what Suzanne was doing to treat me because he had received some training in hypnosis and NLP as one of many ideas he had to help me overcome my problems. During the first session, I had talked a lot about my past history. We started with my issues with my younger brother, and my many foster home placements (being placed in foster homes from the time I was 6 months old with the death of my mother and never knowing my biological father). We talked about my biological mom, and the problems I had with dealing with my biological mother. I felt that she abandoned me, instead of what really happened with her dying of AIDS. I had came to understand that I got sick about her, feeling so angry and so confused about my feelings towards her. I realized that there was something that was preventing me from getting the right treatment. In that first session we also discussed problems between me and my adoptive mom and dad, the people who raised me from age 5 ½. My adoptive mother really helped me to better understand my history up to that point during that first session. Working with Suzanne as my hypnotist, was “joyful” because Suzanne helped me to understand what was normal behavior for my age giving me much relief. She was straight to the point, about what she expected of me. I very much appreciated this because in all my previous years of traditional therapy I was never enlightened about what was expected me. During out work together I was placed into a hypnotic state so Suzanne could access my unconscious. While in that state I found it much easier to talk about how I felt and what was going on. Most importantly, I was able to see how I could change things for the better. For example I saw: my biological mother, the beach, pictures of past events that had happened, things that were bothering me, finally being able to change them, putting a better memory in place for myself. With the ability to make these changes, I found that it was much easier to talk about how I felt, allowing me to be who I am today. We also spoke about behavior that started at the second program where I was stealing girls underwear from the program upstairs. Suzanne educated me that this was normal age-appropriate sexual experimentation which gave me much relief. Understand that the therapist in my second program told me and my parents that my future was going to spend up “in jail or dead.” Not much of a future for a 17-year-old to look forward to. After my work with Suzanne, 8 years later, now at the age of 24, I find that I am able to: hold a regular full-time job along with a part-time job, am off all the medications I was ever on, living on my own, currently in a relationship with a women of my own age, with a good relationship my parents, and able to truly be an older brother to my younger brother, whom I dearly love. Yes, this is the same brother with whom I had inappropriately touched all those years ago.  Presently, I am able to take care of my own finances, have my own car and I now know what I didn’t know when I was 17 years old, because of my work with Suzanne, who I haven’t seen since November of 2005 when I was originally treated by her. I knew after my treatment with Suzanne, that I would have a full future ahead of me able to do anything that I want to so long as I put my mind to it. Antonio Martin age 24 - (I am using my real name because I realize like some you, that I had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of given how young I was when all of this occurred starting at age 5 ½ years old. My sincere hope by my being transparent in telling my whole story is that those people affected similarly will realize that they too deserve to have a happy and fulfilled life like I currently enjoy!)

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
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