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As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I work with all aspects of a person's being and help people overcome severe emotional trauma, mental illness, and physical dis-ease; creating vitality and happiness.

Honokaa, HI

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Tasi is incredible. When we first met he took me through an emotional healing process that allowed me to take a huge leap forward in my life. He gave me practical tools to use in my day to day which has made such an impact. If you have emotional trauma or any other blocks in your life, reach out to Tasi. Thank you for the work you do Tasi.

License, Credentials & Experience

Tasi (ta-Ji') has been helping people for 12 years
Vinyasa Yoga
CorePower Yoga
Feng Shui Practitioner's Training
Louis Audet
Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology - Level 1
Art Martin
Kundalini Yoga Certification
Yogi Harbaijan
BS in Psychology
Centre College

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Colon Cancer
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About me

Please read this entire description.

I received my degree in Psychology and immediately began working with Youth at Risk. After several years of working with mental illness in different environments, I realized that I could improve my impact and results by studying more aspects of health. Over the next 15 years, I received tutelage and/ or certification in body work, organ cleansing, kinesiology, feng shui, reality therapy, shamanic ceremonies, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, and several other healing disciplines.

In my work and experience, it became very apparent to me that mental health and physical health are interconnected with emotional health and overall well-being; so I often address them all in my practice. There is a wide range of illnesses that I have, and will, work with from digestive issues, depression, auto-immune diseases, severe emotional trauma, and cancer to autism. Many clients have come to me when Western Medicine has failed them or written them off. I provide lasting and measurable results in a short amount of time for clients that are ready and active in their own healing process.
I charge a premium rate, and my clients are grateful for my services.
If you are interested in working with me, please answer a short questionnaire and schedule a free 15 min. phone consultation.

My Philosophy of Care

I use a Holistic, or Terrain theory approach in my health work. A Holistic Health perspective takes all aspects of a person into consideration and acknowledges the connections and impacts between the heart, body, mind, environment, and other influences. Chronic health issues are typically related to identity attachment, which is the primary focus of my work; liberating oneself from the past.
It is my passion to help people get well and connect with their own happiness and excitement for life.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

In the first session:
- I explore the ailment and personal history; establish a treatment plan and time frame.
- I examine the ailment from many angles, and give immediate support and direction for achieving some level of relief or progress.
- I sometimes provide research, exercises, and dietary guidance.
- In certain cases, I may conduct a Reiki or Energetic healing session.
- Specific exercises in meditation are prescribed.
- And, other educational materials may be utilized.

My Inspiration

Compassion, empathy, and wholeness are my main inspirations for being a Healer.
In my experience, most suffering and dis-ease stems from past trauma seated in the subconscious, and can be resolved through release and redirection. I have had my share of illness, loss, and struggle; another cause for becoming a healer. Yet, through my will and determination, I am a happy and grateful person; and when someone is happy, s/he wishes the same for others.

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Questions & Answers

Tasi Jensen Answers
There are different pathways to every dis-ease and therefore different ways to unwind/ unfold every dis-ease. Two people can have the same dis-ease, but a particular treatment may work for one and not the other. There are plenty of questions that come to mind in assessing your ailment. With the little information you have given, it seems that your liver and immune system are compromised. Why... is a whole other issue. What does your liver have to do with a 2 month cough? The liver is your body's main toxin filter. When the liver gets overloaded with toxins it begins to send toxins off to other organs to deal with; the first two organs it diverts toxins to are usually the skin And the LUNGS. How's your liver? Do you drink a lot? What's your diet like? I'm guessing you're Not a smoker, or this question would have had some obvious responses and answers. For a quick remedy, purchase some Osha root. You can usually find it at a local herb store; get about an ounce of it. Once home, chop it up into chunks and boil it to make a tea. Osha is like ginger, it can be boiled several times before all of the constituents are released. Never put sugar in your tea; it disrupts the natural benefits of the plant. Osha has a natural sweetness like licorice root, so you likely won't need anything to sweeten it. Osha is great for high and dry coughs. Make a ceremony of it where you sit, give thanks to the plant (Osha), ask your body about your ailment, and listen as you provide it with the tea medicine. Your body will speak to you about the root and source; whether through bodily reactions- twitches, heat, or other sensations in parts of the body- or through random thoughts/ images that come to mind. If your cough still persists, it's appropriate that you hire me, or one of the other amazing practitioners on this site for facilitating your healing. All the blessed-
Tasi Jensen Answers
There are lots of possible causes and influences here. A number of questions come to mind in terms of locating the root problem. How old is your daughter? What is her history?... childhood?... trauma?... diet?... birth process?... antibiotics?... dreams/ nightmares?... What is her current diet like? What was your diet like during your pregnancy? What was your environment like during your pregnancy? What chemicals is she sensitive to? What reaction does she have to those chemicals? Does she have any skin disorders or rashes? Does she have bronchitis or any lung issues? The bottom line... if your daughter is invested in her healing and motivated in following guidance and instruction for her well-being... I am open and willing for facilitating her healing, comfort, and well-being. Whatever direction you take, I wish you and her the best. Chemical sensitivity and consistent physical discomfort is an unfortunate condition. May she find support and relief. All the blessed-
Tasi Jensen Answers
My first response is "Yes". And, perhaps you could define your terms... what do you mean by "work"? Many people have used hypnosis to quit smoking or another addiction as well as for improving their mood or productivity, etc. What are you wanting to accomplish with hypnosis?


Tasi Jensen Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)
Tasi is incredible. When we first met he took me through an emotional healing process that allowed me to take a huge leap forward in my life. He gave me practical tools to use in my day to day which has made such an impact. If you have emotional trauma or any other blocks in your life, reach out to Tasi. Thank you for the work you do Tasi.

Tasi Jensen
1 Reviews

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