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Energy Healing, SRT, Energy Coaching, Massage Therapy, Thought Field Therapy

Elemental Energy Healing and Massage

Working deep on self, Stilling the mind, Staying grounded & in the present moment, Being able to Handle anything that comes your way. Opening the Chakras & Energy channels. Feeling Safe

Cherry Hill, NJ
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5.0 of 5 (26)
Teresa is a long time friend and student of mine. I am impressed with her healing skills. I witnessed her spiritual gifts unfold over the years and attract amazing clients with her work. Her intuitive abilities are powerful. She has a vast knowledge of many modalities and utilizes them throughout her sessions. She supports her clients in nurturing and transformative ways. I highly value and recommend her.
Teresa is magical. I've been doing energy healing with her for a year, and I've referred her to countless friends and family members. From chakra clearing, heart opening and meditative practices to active listening and educational teachings and readings, she offers a truly integrated mind-body restorative experience. Each session, I've come away feeling a deeper sense of calm and clarity -- not to mention, softer, glowing skin!
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License, Credentials & Experience

Teresa has been helping people for 5 years
Licensed Massage Therapist
State of Hawaii - Board of Massage Therapy , #16422
Spiritual Healing
Sacred Path Healing
Callahan Techniques® Causal Diagnostic Training
Callahan Techniques, Ltd. - TFT Training Center
Thought Field Therapy Algorithms
Thought Field Therapy, Inc.
Sacred Path Healer Certification (SPH-C)
Sacred Path Healing
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner
Spiritual Response Association (SRA)
Certified Spiritual Healer
International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations

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Energy Healing
Energy Healing- Process/ Energy coaching/ SRT / Emotion Code clearing trapped emotions/ Inner Child work/ healing and learning the 5 wounding patterns / Clearing lost souls/ past life work/ Tapping ( Ptsd ) trauma work/ teaching you lots of tools/ and wokring with the Chakra system/ Color breathing/ chanting, calming the mind/ meditations & chakra yoga/ opeing the heart/ emotion work and release/ Anger release/ talk therapy. I have a beautiful Massage/Healing Room in Honolulu, HI *OR I can come to your Home or Hotel for an additional $20.00 Travel fee Package deals = 3 - 90 min healing sessions for $300.00 Buy 5 healing sessions= get one free Note: All Appointments Require a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy for a full refund- or you will be charged full price

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy : integrated with Energy Healing, sound Healing, essential oils, chanting ,heating Pads, Crystal healing *Hot Stone massage available upon request * Swedish/ Lomi Lomi / Shiatsu *Prenatal Massage * Massage 60 min + Energy Healing Hands on 60 min ( Combo $200 ) I have a beautiful Massage/ Healing Room in Honolulu, Hi * or I CAN COME TO YOUR HOME OR HOTEL FOR A $20 TRAVEL FEE Note: All Appointments Require a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy for a full refund- or you will be charged full price

Massage & Energy Healing Combo
* Massage 60 min + Energy Healing (Hands on) 60 min ( Combo $200 ) You receive a 60 min Massage, then i Give you a 60 min Hands on Energy Healing, with Sound Bowls, chanting, essential oils, Heat pads, Hot stones, crystal healing Note: All Appointments Require a 48 Hour Cancellation Policy for a full refund- or you will be charged full price
120 Minutes   •   $200


Chakra Balancing
Endorsed by 1 person
Chronic Pain
Chronic Stress
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Practice Locations & Hours

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Wrightstown NJ 08562, United States
Mon: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wed: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thu: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Fri: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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My Philosophy of Care

Working deep on the Lower 3 Chakras, Getting Grounded, Safe, Secure. Learning how to Feel & Hold space for Self, Have a deep relationship with Self. Be in your Power & Doing work with your Intuition, connecting you to your Highest Guides & Angels. Teaching you the 5 Wounding Patterns & how to break out of your Old patterns & see when your Spinning in your Woundings. Having deep Awareness. Opening your Heart and holding compassion & Space for Others. Stilling the Mind through Mantras, & Sound

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Massage, Hands on Energy Healing, with Sound Bowls, Chanting, Essential oils, Tapping, opening Chakras, Crystal healing

A spiritual energy healer can assist you in your healing by using techniques that balance your energy field & enhance your sense of well-being. I use many Tools & techniques that are used to facilitate the healing of the energy body. Teaching you your own Tools Box & how to Tap into Your Past lifes, and Childhood Traumas and Go deep to heal, and work with your Inner Child.

My Inspiration

Tom Kenyon (music-sound-healing)
https://youtu.be/sihhq1zaFsM (Caroline Myss- The Energetics of Healing You tube)
Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self
by Anodea Judith
https://ktlhawaii.org/ ( Buddha Temple )

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Teresa Ferrara Reviews

5.0 of 5 (26)
Teresa is a long time friend and student of mine. I am impressed with her healing skills. I witnessed her spiritual gifts unfold over the years and attract amazing clients with her work. Her intuitive abilities are powerful. She has a vast knowledge of many modalities and utilizes them throughout her sessions. She supports her clients in nurturing and transformative ways. I highly value and recommend her.
Teresa is magical. I've been doing energy healing with her for a year, and I've referred her to countless friends and family members. From chakra clearing, heart opening and meditative practices to active listening and educational teachings and readings, she offers a truly integrated mind-body restorative experience. Each session, I've come away feeling a deeper sense of calm and clarity -- not to mention, softer, glowing skin!
From the age of eight, it has taken me 30 years (1991 - 2021) to emotionally and energetically get myself out of the darkest house I’ve ever been in… the one in which my biological father would molest me. By seeing Teresa and investing in my mental and physical wellness every month for a solid year, all the personal work I’ve done in three decades accumulated into a crescendo of the grandest breakthroughs of my life thus far. I really appreciate how she opens every session with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and is able to clear my auric field as we process life’s current events in conversation. I have been receiving healings from her even before she got her massage license. Her efficient style across all the modalities she offers creates a very safe container to be vulnerable and go deep. There are not many massage therapists that combine touch with energetic therapy. Teresa Ferrara is a rare gem that truly shines her radiant light and is a master practitioner with an authentic soul. She is one of the best healers I’ve ever worked with and I have so much respect for the graceful space she holds for others willing to face their trauma.
10/10 can't recommend Teresa enough for massage and energy healing. I have never received energy healing before working with Teresa, and I'm not even sure if I believed it could help me. However, Teresa has helped me so much, not only with physical tension and discomfort, but also with releasing energy and healing myself emotionally. I recently became pregnant and am thrilled that Teresa can also provide prenatal massage. You will not regret scheduling with this incredibly caring, empathetic, attentive and kind healer for massage and/or energy healing!
I have had the pleasure of having a few sessions with Teresa. Whether they are Healing Sessions or Massage therapy, or both combined, I always got more than I expected! Teresa has a unique gift of being able to connect to her patient's needs on a physical and emotional level. She is a true healer and so personable. She is never rushed & her prices are more than fair. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I highly recommend her, especially to sensitive people like myself.
Teressa made huge growth as a student in my energy healing school and has created a busy practice combining massage with healing work. Bravo!
Getting a massage from Teresa Ferrara is truly amazing. Entering the room i feel at ease because of her welcoming vibes. Her gentle touch is beyond comforting, my body went from high tension to immense relaxation. 10/10 will book again!!!
I have been going to Teresa for over a year now and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had previously attended traditional therapy sessions and struggled because I couldn’t find the connection with my therapist and it was hard for me to open up and trust them with my truth. From the very first meeting with Teresa I felt bonded and safe to be vulnerable. I began going for healings every two weeks and saw so much improvement in my mental state, my ability to remain grounded, and my ability to confront my shadows. I’ve seen the difference in myself and my relationship with others due to the tools she’s provided me over our time together. I truly value our sessions and am thankful for her being willing to share her breadth of knowledge, be personable, non judgmental, and act as a confidant and guide.
When I came to see Teresa I was an emotional wreck seeking help and direction outside myself that I needed desperately. I have done tons of work already on my own and with others. Yet again I was observing cyclic patterns over and over. I have been on a dedicated path of squashing the pasts that creep into the now through me and from me. My personal determination is for me and all my future ancestors I will make the changeover from surviving cause we already have, to thriving as we are meant to be. During my first appointment I was very open with all my struggles. I was surprised at emotions overcoming me during session because I have felt emotionally dead. Like I couldn’t handle feeling anything else. Yet I am a very caring person. So many things don’t make sense. I have all the means in life to be successful but am being held back. Teresa sat in front of me like a solid Pohaku (rock) and spoke sense into all I was experiencing and feeling. Usually I feel I am too much for people and they don’t know what to do with me.So I am very selective about who I share with. I felt safe. Teresa was unswayed by all that I am and all that I express and all that I had arrived with. She told me that she had once been right where I was. That seemed unbelievable coming from the one who was sitting right in front of me. I was ready to do the work before all else. She guided me in exercises to do during session and I immediately felt better. Then she put me on the table with the crystals, sound and hands on energy work. I felt like a new person waking up. Each time I walk out of her office I leave a better more solid person, self assured, whole, happy, seen, heard, empowered, integrated human. These sessions are helping me organize what I never knew how to organize. They are helping me find my center. Stay and move from that center. It is giving me a method and a way to begin to move through life as the me I have yet to know in its fullest sense. For that I am ever grateful. These sessions are game changing. If we change then everything around us has to change. Absolutely priceless in their worth! I mahalo Ke Akua for having the right helpers placed in my path at the right times so they can help me remove obstacles so I can get to where I know I potentially can go. I am learning how to best support and nurture my self energetically. Teresa is a powerful, brave, vessel of strength, wisdom and guidance. I trust that she is guided by great spirit moving through her working through her onto us.
I wish to say how comfortable and healing my experience Teresa’s healing hands was. I came in with pain and after spending an hour, walked out in great relief, able to enjoy the next day. I recommend Teresa whole heartedly.
Teresa is focused, punctual, and able to go deep and provide excellent energy work. She has been providing massage and combined energy healing work on me for me since june 2020. Im looking forward to my next session which is in a couple of days.
Teresa is an amazing healer; I have been getting regular healings from Teresa for the past 4 years. The first time I got a healing from her my whole body was tingling. She really knows how to move energy and get to areas that may be blocked due to negative emotions, stress, and trauma. Teresa is verry supportive, in her approach. I truly feel I have shed many layers of my emotional pain body since I began seeing her. I highly recommend getting a healing from her as often as your able too, she is truly gifted at what she does.
I am blessed to have found Teresa through one of my SPHS teachers. I decided to get a 90 minute massage in February of this year (2021) and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body, and I’ve been seeing Teresa ever since! I always leave feeling better than I came and it’s a night and day difference in how my body feels overall. More specifically, I noticed a huge improvement in all my problematic areas- especially my neck, shoulders, and upper back where Teresa really goes to work! One of my favorite parts of our session is when she incorporates sound healing using sound bowls. Everything about the experience is wonderful, her pressure is perfect and I never want it to end. Teresa is so great at accommodating your schedule too- I try to see her once a month if possible. She is not only one of my biggest supporters but also someone I’m blessed to now call my friend. Please do yourself a favor and book an appointment! Thank you, Teresa, and your magical, healing hands!
I absolutely love sessions with Teresa! Me being an individual on this journey of self and was earnestly trying my hardest to find and fix my life. All for her to tell me it’s all a reflection of who I am and what needs to be healed. It took me a few times to actually apply the methods we discussed in my life and release the need to control everything and everyone in my life. And just focus on me and my child hood traumas and find peace with in self. This is not something you can just say and know it takes deep work!! Tears, embracing memories you blacked out because of how traumatic it was, and making healthy boundaries with everyone in your life while staying aligned and open. This is not something one can do without opening up to the possibility of radical change. It takes heart to be vulnerable! Thank you Teresa so helping me see myself and the opening the door thy was always there. Now I live truly embracing myself with unconditional love. I’ve learned how to talk to myself with the respect and love and care.I require from any meaningful interactions on my life. Please do your self a favor and free yourself from yourself!! Let Teresa help you. She is just as passionate if not more to see you reach this place of oneness. You won’t regret it. Thank you Teresa I will see you again next week!!
Teresa Ferrara is an amazing massage therapist and healer! Her massage work is very therapeutic and healing! I always feel amazing afterwards. Her spiritual energy work is amazing, she is able to release so much unwanted energy and allow all the good energy to be present!
I’ve been receiving energy healings and massage work from Teresa for the past two years. The feeling I have after working with her is complete peace. I’ve learned vital life skills from her that help me in my everyday life. My self love and acceptance of my own worth are growing rapidly through my sessions with her. She holds a safe space for me to express all the emotions and release energies that I’ve never been able to do through traditional therapy. Her body work is intuitive and really helpful for easing my nervous system. Her firm and steady technique always addresses my aches and body pains. Teresa is the real deal. If you are looking for a total transformation and ready to do the deep inner work she is highly skilled in getting you there.
I’ve enjoyed working with a variety of healers, and Teresa stands out as a superbly dedicated and generous healer of many talents. Over the course of the years I’ve known her, she has helped me with energywork, space clearing, physical bodywork, spiritual clearing, and practical, down to earth guidance. I highly recommend her and would encourage anyone to book a session. I am particularly grateful for the clearing work she did for me as I was moving house at the start of the pandemic, and right before I gave birth to my second child. I felt both processes were greatly assisted by her work.
Teresa is a fantastic practitioner that I would recommend to all my friends. I was able to relax and recharge which is exactly what was needed at the time. She is thorough and you can feel that she loves her craft. The space always felt clean, comfortable, and refreshing. Her skills are out of this world!
Teresa Ferrara has given me some of the most relaxing and healing massages I've ever had. She mixes her techniques in such a great way that you feel relaxed, reenergized, and feeling much happier once you leave her table. I highly recommend her if you like a very professional therapist in a very clean space and relaxing ambiance. Also, If you need a mix of both bodywork and energy healing she is perfect! I liked that she is always super friendly, methodical, very attentive to my needs, very easy to talk to, and trustworthy. I am so grateful I found her!
Teresa is so great in what she does! I have known her for years and she has so much passion and energy she puts in to others and her work. Her massages are very relaxing and help me in so many ways.
Teresa is a true healer. The amount of intention and care that she puts into her mind and body massages is unlike any other. A massage with Teresa is an incredible experience that soothes the body and heals the mind. Not to mention that Teresa is a STRONG woman and your muscles will come out feeling like jelly in the absolute best way. Teresa is an incredible and engaging person—she mutually massages your mind with her compassion and lived experience. Would go to Teresa for the rest of my life if I could! 😊
10/10 recommendation. Teresa delivers every time with a transcendent full body massage. Her personal strength and positive energy will lift you out of all pains and worries. Her ability to heal both the body and mind will put you through a personal transformation after each session. Teresa's knowledge of massage techniques and healing practices truly shows in all her actions (she is super informative too). The need for health and comfort in areas physical and mental alike are things we all need. In my own life I was lucky enough to meet Teresa Ferara to start that up for me.
I rarely get massages from people because I don't trust that they will take care of my body. I knew immediately that Teresa Ferrara would not only take care of my body, but I also got the extra boost of energy from her healing work. I always leave calm, relaxed, and restored. She is great at explaining what she is doing, and how I can change things in my everyday life to help keep my body healthy. I recently went to her with hip and lower back pain, and after just once session I was on the track to feeling better. After two sessions, I'm back to being strong again I have recommended her to several friends and family, who have all had great experiences as well.
I’ve been working with Teresa for about a year. I’ve never done work like this in my life so at first I was skeptical. My first appointment with her I knew something was right. Without getting into too much detail I was committed to being the best person I could be.I went to her once every two weeks for months on end. Not as a dependency towards her but that’s the work I needed. I applied everything I learned to her in my life that served me and i’m a completely changed person. It has been a hell of a ride with her! And for anyone who gets the honor to work with her I’m happy for you. She truly loves what she does and if you were to take away the money I think she would still do it. Teresa does amazing massages while incorporating healing aspects at the same time. Best massages I’ve ever gotten. If this is the message you need to see and it is you’re calling to go see her do it! I can’t thank you enough Teresa!
I am so happy I connected with Teresa and only wish I have met her way sooner! This is my experience with Teresa. I came to her looking for energy healing, therapy and to discover why I have been feeling so numb in last few years. It has turned out to be very wonderful, suprising and magical path with her guidance! She has been my help and my guide for last few months on my journey of healing and ascension. I have been recieving energy healings and massages and they have helped me tremendously. She has helped me uncover many hidden blocks from childhood that has been blocking and diminishing my Life force energy, giving me seemingly unexplainable anxieties and disrupting my sleep pattern ( hidden ptsd). As I work with Teresa I feel lively again, my energy has been more stabilized, my sleep has been the best in years and I feel more empowered to go about my Life with stronger feeling of grounding and remembering my true essence. Her unique, layered and multifaceted approach with energy healing and mix of "tools" she utilizes to bring you back to your roots and your true power on Soul level is very powerful and results are inevitable. Patiently and gently Teresa puts "power" back into your own hands. Most importantly to help me achieve my healing with more acceleration Teresa has kindly shared magical and powerful "tools" for me to use in my daily Life - all kinds of different techniques to use on my own between sessions to accelerate my own healing, stay grounded, untangle hidden past traumas held in the chakras and energy body, strengthen my connection to my guidance system and grow in my true power. In her healing sessions Teresa has generously provided safe space for me to be heard and understood without any judgment making me feel comfortable and at ease. I feel like her approach was exactly I have been looking for for years- alternative and new ascending Earth kind of therapy with lots of depth and multilevel work and understanding. Teresa has helped me to move my deepest blocks all the way up to the Light for the chance to be healed and released. It is a gently paced process, not a quick fix. Her healing touch and unique massage with sound vibrations, essential oils, crystals, music and chanting has been like feeling of finally coming Home (sigh!!!) so relaxing and moving. My experience has been powerful, Life altering and one of a kind Healing, especially when I put in effort to continue with my own healing with her given "tools" in between seeing Teresa. Thank you Teresa forever and see you soon! If you are looking for Magical multi-layered Soul Therapy and unique Massage and you are ready to trust and dive in, know Teresa has your best interests in mind and you will benefit from her multidimensional insight.

Teresa Ferrara
26 Reviews

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