Tiffany Solomon

Somatic Release Breathwork Practitioner & Kambo Medicine Practitioner

Reclaim your Nervous System. Release Trauma & Stress. Gain clarity in your life, mission, and purpose!

Nashville, TN
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Somatic & Kambo Practitioner has been helping people for 1 year
Somatic Release Breathwork Practitioner
Steven Jaggers
Kambo Practitioner
Cosmo Visions INC

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Virtual Somatic Release Breathwork Session
Are you ready to Re-member the piece of who you are with Somatic Breath-work? Clearing Out Patterns & Stressors through this powerful Breath-Based-Modality. SRBW is a technique that utilizes the breath to help release the stressors and overwhelm that have laid dormant within our body from our fast-paced modern lifestyle. Breathwork is a profound tool to access the innate intelligence of our own Mind & Body for personal transformation. SRBW is designed to clear out the old to have clarity in one's life, mission, and purpose.
75 Minutes   •   $150

Kambo Healing Ceremony
Kambo is a healing ritual used mainly in South America. It’s named after the poisonous secretions of the giant monkey frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor. Indigenous people have used kambo for centuries to heal and cleanse the body by strengthening its natural defenses and warding off bad luck. It was also believed to increase stamina and hunting skills. These days shamans and naturopathic practitioners still use it for cleansing the body of toxins, as well as treating numerous health conditions. It can help with a range of conditions, including: addiction Alzheimer’s disease anxiety cancer chronic pain depression diabetes hepatitis HIV and AIDS infections infertility rheumatism vascular conditions
90 Minutes   •   $222

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Nashville TN 37203, United States

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Tiffany Solomon

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