Rebecca Wood, E-RYT 500

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Herbalist, Yoga and more!

Her passion and philosophy is to integrate holistic thinking and permaculture design throughout her curriculum and wellness work.

Athens, OH

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About me

Rebecca Wood
Hopewood Holistic Health
PO Box 1104 Athens, Ohio 45701 740-59000-3954

I think this interview brings my background, training and mission full circle, let me know what you think! A Chat with Rebecca; So, What do you bring to the healing arts? The special quality I bring to any studio, workshop or private session is the joy and love I experience in helping people find balance and what’s special about them. I love to see people (and myself) delve into the inner sanctum of habit, pain, injury to discover the amazing resiliency and healing power of our body. I incorporate laughter, joy, amazement and movement into my practice thus shifting the cellular makeup and epigenetics (your personal programming) creating a healthier you from the inside out! My work is as a guide or advocate for people on a journey to health, awareness and understanding. Working in the Healing Arts is a gift and a craft, one I take seriously by holding a safe, creative and fun space for that work to occur and by providing pertinent health information so the client can chose to take personal responsibility as they educate themselves.

Each year I find it refreshing to meet folks on their path to personal growth through yoga and lifestyle changes. Be it in my amazing community of Athens, Ohio or on the road in the U.S. or south of the boarder, in Central America, It is a blessing to see how youthful and aged bodies move through asana, MFR, respond to nature, revive with wholefood, herbs and meditation. It is my blessing to see, to listen and to facilitate.

What is your background and training in Yoga/MFR? I am an E-RYT 500 practitioner and CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional). My early formal training was Iyengar and Hatha Flow. My work with Nosara Yoga sharpened and intensified my focus on SAY- Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Pranassage and YIN yoga. I have also taken Structural Yoga training with M. Stiles, Balance Training with Jean Couch and Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers and Doug Keller. Over the last few years I have incorporated Myofacial Release (MFR) as a treatment modality and recently completed the Advanced level status from The John Barnes MFR technique. It has enhanced my understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. From these experiences I have created my own system of body work and yoga practice integrating skills from each teacher and training. I call it, Integrated Body Alignment © . My ongoing work with Angela and Victor has also solidified my desire to explore, to soften and to have fun with any practice. Recent training and practice in Silver Sneaker Yoga, Yoga Dance for Special Populations and Functional Fitness has also opened my eyes to the aging client and importance of social activities and community, the use of the body, breath, essential oils to bring grace, function, fun and health to any person at any age.

How did you come to be a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner? My love of wild edible and medicinal plants started in the 70’s with my education at Hocking College (I later came to be a professor there for 22 years). I took that interest and ID/ethnobotany skill to the woods as an Outward Bound Instructor for various leadership programs and adjudicated delinquents. In the early 90’s I began teaching at Hocking and completed Rosemary Gladstar’s Arts & Science of Herbalism via Healing Heart Herbs. I was so taken with the program I built it in as a supplementary text for my Herbal Studies Certificate program offered through Hocking College and independently through Hopwood Holistic Health. Further study with Trinity College allowed me of incorporate their training in CNHP, Certified Natural Health Professional.. This work coupled with many years of experience and a Masters in Therapeutic Recreation, 10 plus years of experience in Mental Health and extensive training in herbal therapeutics, AromaTherpy, Reiki, Chakra and Energy Healing, Food as Medicine and Functional Fitness has helped to meld my work in Holistic Health, Advocacy and Healthy Sustainable Communities. Since my retirement from Hocking College I focus on workshops, speaking engagements, and International Travels via Holistic Journey weaving culture, herbs, wholefood, cultural cuisine, permaculture, wellness and light adventure into each experience.

BIO Overview- Rebecca embraces being a generalist with specific skills! She is first and foremost a passionate Herbalist/Ethnobotanist. Her complementary training in Energy Healing and Reiki coupled with her work in integrated wellness brings a unique flavor to her work. Rebecca retired after 22 years of teaching Natural Resource Management, Herbal Studies, Permaculture & Sustainable Design to pursue Holistic Health and Travel. Her unique accomplishments in education include; creating and coordinating the Central America study-abroad program, co-coordinating the Eco-tourism CASS curriculum & c reating the Herbal Studies program. Rebecca now offers her services as a Natural Health & Yoga/MFR practitioner. From Wild Food to Functional Fitness Rebecca offers programs locally in groups and private settings. She also directs ‘Holistic Journeys’ an inter-cultural eco-wellness travel service. Her experience & passion in holistic thinking and integrated design makes Rebecca uniquely qualified to help you meet the health and wellness goals for yourself, your home and community.

Rebecca supports the ideal of “sense of place and finding balance”, she subscribes to the belief that personal action leads to real and lasting change. Find yourself in the world, find love in the journey or your personal practice. It’s Time to take Time!


Rebecca Wood

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