Roger Wood, LMT*, Dipl. ABT** AOBTA

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Shiatsu is a very complete therapy as it treats the whole person on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Cambridge, MA

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Licensed Massage Therapist
State of Massachusetts - Board of Registration of Massage Therapy , #3918

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186 Hampshire St, 3D, Cambridge MA 02139, United States
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About me

Prior to shiatsu I was an electrical engineer receiving my degree from Boston University. A felt I needed a change and wanted to return to a more physical occupation as I felt more inclined and at home with using my physical skills I developed from sports ie basketball and tennis primarily. In searching for a change I happened upon a shiatsu practitioner in a mall marketing massage chairs. We talked and I told her about my right arm which had become weakened and doctors had no explanation for it. She offered me a series of shiatsu sessions and my condition improved, though more than just getting relief from my ailing arm the shiatsu sessions lead me on a journey of feeling much more connected to myself and how I liked to experience Life from within. The energetic quality of the shiatsu sessions help awaken my emotional side I came alive like someone breathed new life into me. I began to see how the body and mind are intimately connected and influence one another. It was turning point to see and appreciate the many dimensions of me and be more free to explore them.

From this experience I went on to study shiatsu at the Boston Shiatsu School and graduated in 1999. I worked several years with two shiatsu schools in the Boston area as a Student Clinic Supervisor and Instructor. In 2003 I was a co-founder of Harvard Square Shiatsu and have treated several thousand clients with a wide range of stress-related conditions which shiatsu can so well address and offer an enhanced
quality of life to those receiving regular shiatsu sessions.

My other interests include: Qigong and Argentine Tango which I also find are incredible healing and expressive movement-oriented activities.


Roger Wood

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