Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC

Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner and Reverend

Natural Harmony LLC

Unique, quantum-based modalities guided by my intuitive and spiritual insights.

Oakland, NJ

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Thank you so much for helping me with a broken shoulder. After two Biosyntonie sessions my range of motion increased considerably. The physical therapist commented on my improvement. –

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About me

I seek out new ways to help people beyond the mainstream approaches that many people are familiar with. I want to find the origin of a problem people present me with. My psychic, mediumistic, and energy sensing talents allow me to find contributing factors others would miss.

I offer thermography for a radiation-free, non-invasive way to screen the body for possible problems using a far-infrared camera. Many women come in for an adjunct to mammography, but it's not just for one area. The whole body can be scanned.

Biosyntonie works with the Shumann Resonance of the earth, the energy that balances the biorhythms of all living things on this planet. Unfortunately modern technologies and their waves are interfering and people are feeling the effects. With this technique your body is in control, not the practitioner, and guides the energy where it is needed. Ceramic disks with microcrystaline materials are used. This was created in France by Terre de Lys.

Mediumship connects you with those you have known that have passed beyond the veil, but are not dead. There is no death, there is a moving on to another dimension and reality. I bring messages to you using telepathic abilities. I trained with British, Scottish, Australian, and American Spiritualists.

Past Life regressions are helpful to find answers to relationship issues. Some things cannot be explained from what you know of this life, but you may find their origin in lives you lived before. I uniquely go where you go and can send images telepathically as they are sent to me so you don't miss important aspects.

My sessions are much more than reiki because I can scan the body for areas that need attention and balance them. I have a variety of trainings for a broad education in energywork.

I am the author of Healing a Desperate Heart, about relationships and how to have compassion and forgiveness in order to let go of what did not work and make way for better relationships now. You can find it on Barnes & Noble as an e-book or buy a printed copy directly from me.

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Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC Answers
Apart from what is mentioned below, most people do not consider the environment created by our wireless technology. Body aches and pains, heart rhythm issues, cellular stress, and brain function issues are common side effects. These invisible waves moving 24/7 though our environment are affecting everyone and your brain fog may be one of the symptoms you are aware of. You can find peer-reviewed research on by typing relevant search terms like Wi-Fi health hazards, etc. I can send you a power-point document on this issue if you want to know more.
Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC Answers
FIR Tourmaline Tape works perfectly for a client of mine. She orders regularly so she can sleep at night and she uses it when flying as well. The cloth tape has powdered tourmaline in it which has a far-infrared effect when it is warmed by body heat. The effect is an increase in circulation and oxygenation of tissues, which relaxes the muscles. As an energy practitioner I would also try to release the trauma associated with this issue for a permanent fix. I do sell the tape and use it when needed for bumps and bruises.

Rev. Susan Bischak Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)
Thank you so much for helping me with a broken shoulder. After two Biosyntonie sessions my range of motion increased considerably. The physical therapist commented on my improvement. –

Rev. Susan Bischak
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