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About me

I've been curious about how people change all of my life. That wondering led to a lifetime of personal development and self-exploration. After a lot of work—and play—in the sandbox of personal growth, I know that if you’re committed enough—if you want whatever it is enough—you can change. I did. My training at CTI has deepened my wisdom and self-knowledge in a wonderfully affirming, life-altering way.

​Four decades in, I became more intentional in the way I have chosen to live. I was tested and, along the way, I developed resilience and tenacity. I also learned to see the metaphorical glass as half-full. I went from enjoying a seat on the sidelines to taking a more active role in my life. I became an athlete. I made a courageous career change to help me honor several of my core values – connection, personal growth, improvisation, humor, and loyalty.

Once upon a time, I majored in English literature and creative writing. I often say, "I was born a lit major and will always be one." My lifelong love of language informs my coaching—how we speak can liberate us or hold us down. It’s a choice. I coach individuals primarily around career transitions, productivity, and retirement planning. I find much happiness in my clients's triumphs.


Wendy Edelstein

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