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Eric Rosen
Eric Rosen
Master Hypnotherapist and Transformation Coach
I’m a Master Hypnotherapist, Coach & Huna Alchemist who helps you dump emotional baggage, ditch limiting beliefs and get real results, fast!
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Eric Rosen

About me

About me
I am a Master Hypnotherapist, Transformation Coach and Huna Alchemist and one of the world’s leading practitioners of Mental and Emotional Release® (MER® a/k/a Timeline Therapy). I’ve conducted more than 2,000 sessions of MER® with over 100 people a year since 2014. In 2018, I wrote my book, “Change the One Belief: The Magic of Mental and Emotional Release®.” Certified as a Trainer of MER, Hypnotherapy, and NLP, I weave in Huna energy to help you release deeply held, longstanding negative emotions and transform your self-image from limiting to empowered.

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“I came to hypnosis with no real frame of reference. I saw Eric's history of success with clients and thought it would be worth doing. I'm a hard driving individual always seeking perfection, personally, in my work, and in my family life....”
Michelle V.1 year ago
“When I was thinking about doing hypnosis, I had some concerns that it might not work. And yet, what I have gotten from hypnosis with Eric is a level of healing I could not have gotten any other way. Old fears and a sense of panic have d...”
Katie D.over 1 year ago
“The reason why I reached out to Eric was that I was feeling unclear, having self-doubt, and didn't know how to achieve my desired outcome. From having done hypnosis sessions, I found clarity, support and really visible results. Utilizing...”
Falguni K.over 1 year ago
Angie S.over 1 year ago
“I came to hypnosis wondering if I have the time and whether it would work for me or not. What I found is that hypnosis has empowered me to do whatever I put my mind to. It enhanced my confidence. At work, I felt like I was in a dead end ...”
Leo S.over 1 year ago
“At first, I was hesitant to do hypnosis because of not wanting to dive too deep into my past. Instead, I found it to be freeing because I no longer carry all that emotional baggage that had been bothering me. Eric's method makes it eas...”
Audra S.over 1 year ago
“Because I consider myself to be rather suggestible, it was very important I find a hypnotherapist who is not only objectively qualified but shares my values. For this reason, I have been altogether comfortable working with Eric Rosen. Ou...”
Shan T.almost 2 years ago
“Hypnosis was something I didn't have much awareness of going in. Thankfully, phobias I wanted to tackle have improved. Overall, I now have a more positive outlook. Working with Eric, I gained some insights into how I came to develop the ...”
Kal E.almost 2 years ago
“For me, I was all in with this from the start -- It was a question of finding the right practitioner. Already having training in NLP and Hypnosis, I wanted to work with someone with a similar background and greater years of experience. ...”
Chloe B.2 years ago
“At the beginning, just the idea of having to talk about my feelings and explore them was somewhat painful and I didn't know if this would be necessary with hypnosis. Thankfully, we did not have to and still, I was able to liberate myself...”
Victoria B.2 years ago


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Eric Rosen

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