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Working with Amber has absolutely transformed my life. She is a powerful channel who has helped me connect with spirit guides, brought me important divine messages, and helped me to connect with my own intuition and healing abilities. Every Reiki session we have had together brings massive downloads and activations for my spiritual growth. I started out as a fear-filled codependent, and after working with Amber over the last year I have grown into a confident, sovereign being, and I am walking my highest timeline and working my soul mission.
Rachel 26 min ago
Practitioner photo
Amber KwentusVerified
Holistic Therapist (LPC) and Intuitive Healer
I had the best experience with Liesbet. Through all the meditation session, she was very supportive and professional. I was able to overcome all of the issues I presented to her that Were blocking me and being able to live a stressless life and happier one. I was very happy to teach out to her and let her know how over time I was able to accomplish all we had worked on. She is brilliant!!!
Lucy 1 hour ago
Practitioner photo
Liesbet PrykeVerified
Hypnosis, Breathwork and Biofield Tuning
From Invisible to Visible The Conflict Resolution Program was incredible. Decade old anger, resentment and issues with family members were resolved within a few weeks. Nicole is kind, supportive and nonjudgmental. The work she offers is transformative, life changing and profound. After this program, I enjoyed the holidays with my family without being triggered or upset. No one had changed but me and that changed the dynamics between us. I was neutral and this was a direct result of the assistance, guidance and energy work that I received from Nicole. Suppose you are experiencing relationship issues with family, co-workers, neighbors or even your partner; in that case, this program can help you shift and transform the relationships into a healthier position so you can move forward and enjoy your life!!
Dawn 1 hour ago
Practitioner photo
Nicole PeterhansVerified
Energy Alignment and Mindset Coach

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