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Cate Brandt
Cate Brandt
Reiki Master & Spiritual Energy Healer, Author
Hello, I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Energy Healer. Discerning energy vibrations to help heal, balance & promote soul awakening. Willing and able to help people world wide!
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Initial consultation

Free initial consultation. Figure out what service would best address the situation!

Free · 30 minutes

Cleansing Non-Divine/Negative Energy

Cleansing can be in person or remotely. With the help of my Spiritual Partners, we remove all Non-Divine/Negative energies which could be in the form of Energetic Cords, Lost So...

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Card Readings

Be Prepared to hear from your Spiritual Guides through Oracle Cards! When you are unsure what you are hearing or you are unable to hear, with the help of 4 different layouts (1 ...

$85.00 · 60 minutes

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is 4 sessions of 15 minutes of Reiki usually done at night. Incorporation of new charkas and body energy grid, the release of any cording, and a deep healing of a...

$175.00 · 90 minutes

The Now Technique

Stay in the present in the "NOW" with this new technique. Surrender your history and future emotions and thoughts and be place in the Now time frame. Experience a powerful shif...

$65.00 · 30 minutes

Cate Brandt

About me

About me
Cate has a unique ability to Spiritual Discern the energy that one is experiencing. Empaths, healers and licensed practitioners come to her to be energetically cleansed and balanced. Cate can detect the attachments and explain them in order to teach the client who or what is holding them back from spiritual growth. Her client base are of all ages, small children to the elderly. Being able to assist such a wide age range, she has had multiple experiences with various vibrational beings and non-divine energy that cause dis-ease.

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Chakra Balancing
Self Awareness
Emotional Imbalances
Feeling Stuck In Life
“Cate’s Reiki work changed my life. She is the most gifted Reiki master I have ever seen. I was stuck, depressed at times and anxious about the future. I have never felt so present and balanced mentally, emotionally. My spirituality b...”
Katharine N.over 1 year ago
“I’m thankful the universe guided me to Cate. I’ve noticed an improvement in my depressive symptoms since our distance Reiki sessions. I would highly suggest her services if you’re in need of spiritual help. She’s a true healer and will w...”
Hannah K.over 1 year ago
“I have worked with Cate for many years, and highly recommend her. She is always quick to respond to my requests for help and provides great value and insight.”
Ava over 3 years ago
“Cate! Has helped my daughter and I so much and I couldn’t thank her enough! The last 6 months have been very unbalanced and all over the place. (In chaos ) Cate was able to identify the issue and cleared us. The peace has been restored ...”
Abbra over 3 years ago
“Cate is a remarkable talent. Cate has been my healer for a few years now and she is an amazing talent in releasing negative energy and clearing up issues that have arisen over the course of my life. A recent, tangible incident of Cat...”
Bobby over 3 years ago
“Cate is a healer extraordinaire. She knows what you need and how to do it, no matter what your issue is. She handles all issues from clearing entities from you and your home even if it goes bump in the night. She is a medical intuitive w...”
Tina over 3 years ago
“Cate is is absolutely amazing! I was pregnant in January and miscarried in March. Our family lost a few close family members right after that so I was an emotional mess by May. We found out we were pregnant again on May 31st. This pregna...”
Amber over 3 years ago
“Cate is a family friend we’ve known for many years. She’s helped me and my family several times and is our go-to healer for Reiki. After one session with Cate, her talent is undeniably powerful and leaves you with a sense of ease and con...”
Jennifer over 3 years ago
“I met Cate about 11 years ago at a church we both attended. Shortly after being introduced to energy healing I learnedthat Cate qas a Reiki master and my wife and both decided to get attuned by her. I immediately noticed a difference in ...”
James over 3 years ago
“Every since my first session with Cate I knew my life would be different. Helping me to understand things around me and waking me up to things have changed my life. I strongly suggest at least one session with her.”
John over 3 years ago


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Offers in-person sessions
Offers in-your-home sessions
Offers virtual sessions
Works with children, teenagers, adults, and seniors
Works with individuals, couples, and families
I respond in ~24 hours
PO Box 89998
Tucson, AZ 85752
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I'm based in Tucson, AZ, and offer in-person and video sessions.

Cate Brandt

Tucson, AZ

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