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Cathy Ormon
Cathy Ormon
Health Coach and Podcast Host
I'm a Health Coach who helps women gain energy, stop cravings, alleviate joint pain and balance blood sugar through the power of nutrition.
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Cathy Ormon

About me

About me
In my mid fifties, I was laid flat on my back with a major health crisis. Through medical testing, I was diagnosed with 'systemic inflammation', which is inflammation throughout the body. The medical system had no answers or treatment, so I was left to find answers on my own. . I had no energy, low immune functioning (a continuous cold and cough), high cholesterol, excruciating joint pain, and I was overweight.

Synchronicity took over and I found a 3 month health coaching program, which I took because it was my only option.


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Weakened Immunity
Gut Health
Brain Fog
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Gluten Sensitivity
Health Coaching
Insulin Resistance
Celiac Disease


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67 Cambridge Glen Dr
Strathmore, AB T1P 1R9

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Cathy Ormon

Strathmore, AB

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