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Cory Manka
Cory Manka
Energy Practitioner /Sound Healer,Shamanic Healer, Yoga Instructor
I approach everyone as a whole being, listening to concerns and questions before having an overall understanding.
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Cory Manka

About me

About me
Hello everyone! My name is Cory and I Love all beings unconditionally with compassion and peace for unity of all beings of the universe<3. The healing I give is ancient an practice of 7 techniques that I use to to energetically perform sacred surgery on the body. Pulling out blockages and negative energy and fusing the body with the Love frequency opening the heart and healing the body, mind and soul. Balancing the chakras and opening the third eye and heart connection. Angels and beings of light help me heal during the session it truly is a miraculous experience.


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“One of the best Yoga Practitioners I've met in a long time. Wish I lived in Tallahassee, so I could go to Cory's class.”
David over 4 years ago
“Cory was very professional and confident of his skill level the session. Cory is knowledgable with such a soothing personal energy. I was very comfortable and was guided into deep meditation very quickly (which is challenging for me). Af...”
Missy almost 6 years ago
“What makes Cory an exceptional healing facilitator is the pure intention he brings from the heart. He intuitively knows what is needed. He has helped me release a lot of stuck emotional energy I was holding on to, some I didn’t know I ne...”
Sudeep almost 6 years ago
“Cory has a calm and peaceful energy. He has love emanating from his being. He truly wanted to share his gift of healing and wisdom.”
Pamela almost 6 years ago
“I was a military woman (medic) for many years. Once released from active duty I sought instruction in energy healing because I needed more than a duffel bag full of VA meds for myself and my patients... Since then I’ve been in successful...”
Rev. almost 6 years ago
“I do not know even know where to start! He is an angle, pure energy in human body who is here on earth with us to heal and share his wisdom with us! I had amazing energy shift as soon at the session was done, I felt the love of God that ...”
Ara almost 6 years ago
“First off, Cory has a great energy, he is very welcoming and makes anyone feel comfortable right away. I had an energy work session with Cory to clear some blockages in my system and it was a beautiful experience! During the session I wa...”
Nate almost 6 years ago
“Cory is a very charismatic healer, and I would like to thank him for his courage, integrity and sharing spirit! With his extremely open heart and directness he gained my trust and appreciation. I could feel the the healing very intensely...”
Tania almost 6 years ago
“Very powerful session. Was guided deep after arape! Felt several major energy blockages release, causing my body to jerk. Such a great release! Went very deep so not sure what all happened. Highly recommended for those who want to expl...”
David almost 6 years ago
“What an amazing HEALING AND NURTURING day. Energy healing was outta body experience. So gentle but deep. Immediately felt revived and alive. Powerful and profound healing. Exactly what I needed. A very delicate and beautiful experience. ...”
Michelle almost 6 years ago


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Cory Manka

Surprise, AZ

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