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Dr. Debora Chasse DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA, CMRP, FME
Dr. Debora Chasse DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA, CMRP, FME
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Floor, Matrix Repatterning and Visceral Manipulation Physical Therapist.
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Dr. Debora Chasse DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA, CMRP, FME

About me

About me
I'm delighted to be part of a community who supports optimal health and wellness. As a teenager, I aspired to physical health in my own life through nutrition and activity. Through life's journey, I realized I could make changes in my own life by interrelating additional dimensions such as psychological, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual health finding these contributed to a more fulfilling life. Together we make a difference.
A little about myself! I'm a mom to 4 grown young adults and grandmother to 2 children.

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Lymphatic Drainage
Myofascial Release (MFR)
Women's Health
Pelvic Dysfunction
Post Concussion Syndrome
Visceral Manipulation
Pregnancy Pain
“Dr. Debora Chasse is an amazing doctor, practitioner, and healer! I started seeing her for post-concussive trauma as I was having severe concussion symptoms of nausea, dizziness, chronic head pain, migraines, and I was struggling to fun...”
Vanessa over 3 years ago
“I have a condition called Lipidema which produces Painful Lipomas. When I first met Dr. Chasse owner and founder of Function Ability Physical Therapy. I was in a lot of pain walking, sitting and sleeping. So everyday on my morning walk,...”
Cyndi over 3 years ago
“I recently had a session with Dr. Chasse for shoulder and elbow pain. She was able to evaluate my condition and use her intuitive skills to pinpoint the problem, work out the issue and give me tools to keep helping myself. As with othe...”
Michael over 3 years ago
“I have been seeing Dr. Chasse off and on for a few years now and she has really helped me. Most recently I saw her for some Matrix repatterning to treat some prolonged post surgery swelling in my face. After two sessions the swelling is ...”
Dana over 3 years ago
“I started going to Dr. Chasse because I was experience back pain during my pregnancy and wanted to make sure my body was ready to deliver a healthy baby. She is amazing! I went from having lower back pain all the way down my leg to no pa...”
Stefani almost 4 years ago
“I have been seeing Dr. Chasse since this last February. I am amazed at my results! She has been doing FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), Manual Visceral Manipulation and Manual Lymphatic Draining on me. I have Endometriosis and usual...”
R.W. over 4 years ago
“"Debora Chasse demonstrates an extraordinary combination of strength and gentility in her hands-on treatment of physical dysfunction. She is able to integrate intellect with intuition and address personal movement problems with compassion."”
B.G., over 4 years ago


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Physical Therapist


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2230 W Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92868
369 San Miguel Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Dr. Debora Chasse DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA, CMRP, FME

Orange, CA

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