Book with Dr. Eelka Lampe, Ph.D. | Read Reviews | I integrate my background in Realization Process Meditation, Embodiment, and Spiritual Psychotherapy, with my Tai Chi teaching and Reiki experience to support your individual healing journey. -
Dr. Eelka Lampe, Ph.D.
Dr. Eelka Lampe, Ph.D.
I integrate my background in Realization Process Meditation, Embodiment, and Spiritual Psychotherapy, with my Tai Chi teaching and Reiki experience to support your individual healing journey.
Guided Meditation, Reiki, T'ai Chi Ch'uan - By allowing ourselves to embark on a journey of internal healing, we are also helping to heal our planet Earth through Resonance with all that is.
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Initial consultation

Free initial consultation. - Special rates available based on Covid hardships, as well as to Seniors and Students. Please ask!

Free · 15 minutes

Guided Meditation with Body/Mind Consultation

60 minute session: I will introduce you to the benefits of Realization Process Meditation and then guide you in a 20 minute meditation followed by mutual feedback which can lead...

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Guided Meditation and Reiki

The experience of Realization Process Meditation might lead to discoveries of imbalances in our physical or mental/emotional body. It is possible to work on releasing these "hol...

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Reiki Session

Reiki for physical and/or mental-emotional issues. Following a brief consultation of what you seek healing for, you will receive the Reiki energy while we meet on Zoom via the D...

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Group Guided Meditation

Realization Process Meditation for small groups. 60 minute session for 2 or 3 participants $150 - for 4 or more $40 per person

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Dr. Eelka Lampe, Ph.D.

About me

About me
I began my alternative health journey with T’ai Chi Ch’uan as a student of the late Jean Kwok in NYC in 1988. After a year, I became an assistant teacher in our Yang Style Long Form in the lineage of Lee Shiu Pak and Ch’en Wei-ming. In 1997, I began teaching independently in NYC in various studios and then continuously with Moving Body Resources from 2000 to 2017. In addition, I taught T’ai Chi as a Phys Ed elective from 1998 until 2021 to 11th and 12th graders at Regis High School in NYC.

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Joint Health
Learning Challenges
Limiting Beliefs
Low Vitality
Mind-Body Connections
Movement Meditation
Muscle Tension
Self Acceptance
“I began Tai chi with Dr. Lampe in high school, seeking a blended practice of stillness and meditation in movement. Tai chi was the perfect fit. Sometimes rules can be generative, by establishing a boundary for focus, but very soon the "s...”
Miso over 2 years ago
“It's been an honor and a privilege to train in Tai Chi with Eelka, first as a student at Regis High School, then as an alum in-person, and then virtually! Her knowledge of Tai Chi, generosity with guidance, and attention to detail have d...”
John over 2 years ago
“I had the opportunity to attend a guided meditation with Eelka early on in lockdown in April 2020. It was a welcome exercise during such a stressful time! Eelka calmly guided the other participants and I through the meditation, which cer...”
Kate almost 3 years ago
“For Tai Chi: Eelka is a nurturing and generous mentor, I feel extremely fortunate to have met and been mentored by Eelka for so many years. She’s extremely knowledgeable with the history as well as the Tai Chi forms. She’s done diligent ...”
Jia almost 3 years ago
“For Reiki: The first time Eelka performed Reiki on me was shortly after a trauma incident. I’ve never had Reiki till then, but had been studying Tai Chi with Eelka. She recognized right away that that may be something I’d benefit from, a...”
Jia almost 3 years ago
“Dr. Eelka Lampe is an extraordinary, highly trained and very experienced teacher of meditation. Her explanations are clear and she relates warmly to her students. Moreover,she shows care and concern for each individual. If you would like...”
Donna almost 3 years ago
“I was hesitant to participate in a meditation session over Zoom because I wasn’t sure it would be beneficial, but Eelka provided a very soothing and relaxing environment, making my meditation experience a fantastic one! Her calming and p...”
Lisa almost 3 years ago
“From me also many thanks for the meditation hour - a fitting prelude to the day that followed and gave us all a sense of relief and hope for the future.”
Julia over 3 years ago
“Dear Dr. Lampe, Thanks very much for taking the time to guide Julia and me through our meditation earlier this week. It was very interesting and enjoyable, a skill that we can hopefully use for a long time. It was also very fun to hea...”
Thomas over 3 years ago


Offers virtual sessions
Speaks German and English
Works with teenagers, adults, and seniors
Works with individuals, couples, families, and group sessions
I respond in ~24 hours

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I'm based in Port Angeles, WA, and offer virtual sessions.

Dr. Eelka Lampe, Ph.D.

Port Angeles, WA

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