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Addie Spahr Kim
Addie Spahr Kim
Hormone Health and Nutritional Support Coaching
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Discovery Call

Free initial discovery call to discuss your health concerns and determine the best path forward.

Free · 15 minutes

Elevated Health Assessment

In the Elevated Health Assessment we will get to the root of your health challenges and map out easy-to-implement solutions to reclaim your health, boost your energy, and safegu...

$125.00 · 60 minutes

Whole Body Reboot

Does your body need a reboot? Are you sluggish, suffering from brain-fog or lethargy? Does your digestive system feel out of whack? Are you having trouble sleeping? Having troub...

$250.00 · 60 minutes

BtoB Brand/Marketing Support

Second to my love for helping people thrive in daily life through good health is helping other solopreneurs brand/market/get organized in their small business. With over a decad...

$150.00 · 60 minutes

Monthly Marketing Message Magic (M4)

This is where I turn your message(s) to your people into communication formats and flows that streamline how you communicate and have your clients coming back for more. This is ...

$45.00 · 45 minutes

Addie Spahr Kim

About me

About me
My friends call me the smoothie bowl queen. My boys call me queen bee (of our little hive of four + a fur baby). And while being a mom, a wife and CEO of the household are super important jobs for me, I wouldn't be great at those things if I didn't also get to live out my passion to support other women in establishing their optimal healthy lifestyle plan and finding balance in the other aspects of life that keep us thriving, and not just surviving. I'm all about helping other mamas elevate physically and mentally even when life gets really hard. Because it always does.

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Yeast Infection
Gut Health
Women's Health
Hormone Balance
Weakened Immunity
Work-Life Balance
Functional Nutrition
“Addie is someone who knows a lot about health and wellness but delivers it in a way that's fun, non judgmental and easy to implement. She caters to a wide variety of health problems people face. I've personally worked with Addie over the...”
Kristen over 3 years ago
“What I love about Addie is that she practices what she preaches. She leads by example. She has a solution to any ailment, and she genuinely wants to help. Addie makes me want to live a healthier, happier life.”
Brigitte over 3 years ago
“I have learned so much from my daughter. I tried throughout my children's lives to focus on healthy eating and lifestyle, but Addie has taught me that it goes so much further than that. I have suffered gastric issues myself for a number ...”
AnnieK over 3 years ago
“Addie has been assisting in keeping me healthy now for several years. Whether it is her advice on dietary choices, supplements, water filtration or self care, to name a few---she is an awesome and caring person to have in your corner. ...”
LaddN over 3 years ago
“Addie knows her stuff and always explains health related concepts to me in a ways that are clear and helpful. She understands what it means to care for her family while also making time to nurture her own body; it's so inspiring! Her ent...”
KristenDL over 3 years ago
“Addie's informed, wise, warm, personalized, engaged, authentic, holistic, and intuitive style makes her an ideal wellness consultant. She has helped me immensely to achieve optimal health and energy. She really understands the stressors ...”
Courtney over 3 years ago
“Addie brings such a positive energy and wealth of knowledge. She shares a diverse background and assists you in finding the tools and skills suited for your individual needs and lifestyle.”
Claudia over 3 years ago
“Addie is a rare blend of knowledge, intuition, and passion for helping others. You can see the fruits of those qualities demonstrated in the wellness of her own family. She’s personally helped me see the importance of diet and how it inf...”
Jess over 3 years ago
“I am so grateful to work with Addie. Her knowledge of health and wellness is extensive but to be guided by someone so positive and caring is what I have found most valuable. She is both resourceful and inspiring in the journey to becom...”
Melissa over 3 years ago
“I've loved working with Addie. I've learned so much and feel so much more physically energized and emotionally calm and centered. So grateful I found her!”
Amber over 3 years ago


Offers in-person sessions
Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English
Works with adults
Works with individuals and families
I respond in ~24 hours
1138 Sidonia street
Encinitas, CA 92024

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I'm based in Encinitas, CA, and offer in-person and video sessions.

Addie Spahr Kim

Encinitas, CA

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