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Elizabeth McIntire

Brain Integrator & Applied Kinesiologist

Boston Brain Integration

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About me

After receiving my BA from Smith College in Theatre and my Masters in Music from the New England Conservatory, I arrived at the crossroads of uncertainty. What had I learned from a life of observation and performance? What did I want to do with that knowledge? I could see that I knew how to really listen to people; to what they said and what they didn't, and I seemed to have a knack for discerning what that meant. Theatre had taught me how to inhabit other people's stories, how to take them in in order to bring them vividly to life. My body knew how to resonate with others. At NEC, I saw stress cause dysregulation in even the most talented people right at the moment they most wanted to keep it all together. I wanted to help.

During my masters degree, I got better at listening, reading, remembering, performing, and being with the help of Brain Integration. Once I graduated, I realized that my calling was to use this powerful modality to improve the lives and well being of those around me. I've been fortunate to be in practice since 2009, and I assist people who struggle with a wide range of challenges. I am particularly adept at working with people dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and head injuries, as well as dyslexia and other learning problems.

I am originally from Maine, but I now live with my wife and son and our two cats in Boston, MA. I still sing every week at my church in Brookline, and I am a passionate theatre-goer.

My Philosophy of Care

I believe people are generally good and hardworking and curious, and when their behavior or ability doesn't reflect this, I believe there is a reason. In my practice, I work to make sure the entire brain is functioning so people are grounded and neuropathways are sending signals to the right part of the brain at the right time. From here, we go on to address one system at a time: Visual, Auditory, Vestibular, Sensory, etc. until the whole brain and the whole person feel at ease.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

On a client's first visit, we will do an assessment using case history, observation, and kinesiology, or muscle testing. From here, the client will lie down fully clothed on a massage table and I will hold different points on the head and body while we talk about whatever issues come up. If the client can't lie down the whole time, we'll get creative! I work with the whole life span from babies to the elderly. The most important thing is for people to feel safe and comfortable.

Elizabeth McIntire