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Eric Zúñiga, 3P - Three Principles

Three Principles Practitioner

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No person needs to suffer when supportive guidance is available!

Sacramento, CA
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License, Credentials & Experience

Eric has been helping people for 27 years
B.A. Art Therapy
University of California Santa Cruz
Becoming ACEs Aware in California (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine
Clinical Practitioner Certification Three Principles (Health Realization)
Santa Clara Department of Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD)
Registered Practitioner Three Principles Global Community (3PGC)
Three Principles Global Community (3PGC)
Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC)
International Institute of Holistic Healing
Co-Dependency in MFCC Counseling
JFK University Graduate School of Psychology
Supervisory Development Certificate Program
California State University Sacramento
Art Therapy
College of Notre Dame
Masters in Organizational Consulting
John F Kennedy University
National Provider Identifier database (NPI)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ("DHHS") , #1760663504

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Men's Relationship & Trauma Support Group (Zoom)
Contact Eric via PM to request a free orientation to this men's group. This group meets virtually once per month. It uses an open discussion format to provide peer support for areas of relationship and trauma. Facilitated by Eric to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for all. The rate of 33.00 USD is per group session. Open to ages 16+.
120 Minutes   •   $33

3P Life Coaching & Counseling 🤍 (Zoom)
Thank you for reaching out! It is beyond chance you are on a healing path. In providing 3P service, you will receive professional guidance towards your well-being. Since we live in a deficit construct, it is easy to focus on conditions and disease. While there may be value in identifying the ailment, it is equally valuable to understand what creates conditions and how to override them insightfully. 3P Coaching & Counseling is for an individual, couple, or family. The sessions use the Zoom platform. Unlike traditional therapy, the pace of each session is gradual and explorative. Usually, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to establish therapeutic scope. The sessions are person-centered for specific needs. Eric can provide progress reports or court letters with a request before the session. Additional rates apply for paperwork services. Equity: If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Eric via PM before booking your appointment to discuss your situation. Additional accommodations upon request. Thank you!
75 Minutes   •   $135

Introductory Call - Complimentary 🤍
Let Eric support your mental, physical, and emotional health! 🦋 Here is your opportunity to chat about your coaching or counseling needs, Speak with Eric via Zoom, SMS, or phone call. 😊
20 Minutes   •   FREE


Alcohol Addiction

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1731 Howe Avenue, 536, Sacramento CA 95825, United States
Tue: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Thu: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Learn More About Eric Zúñiga, 3P - Three Principles

About me

Eric is a registered 3P Practitioner. He has provided a combination of counseling, business development, and public speaking for decades. In 2010, Eric presented research findings at the World Health Organization's International Conference. In addition, Eric received state certifications from California for the Domestic Violence Advocacy Training (DVAT) and the Becoming Aware certification of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

"In my experience as a practitioner, I have witnessed the phenomenon of healing."
Is optimal health for a select few or everyone? If well-being were complicated, only a few people would have access to it. The nature of health is within us. Every person is born with the function of thinking within the conscious mind. It is the source of experience and the basis of existence.

We are thinking beings, and we think our way into happiness or sadness with our conscious minds. Are we more than our thoughts and actions? Each of us is the decider to how we view the world and reality.
What makes anything possible is our curiosity. It is the metaphorical doorway towards every possibility. Thus, impossibility is the eclipsing insecurities of the unknown. Understanding the source of our health for mind, body, and spirit makes the impossible possible.

With the premise that well-being is innate, everyone has access to it once uncovered. In this sense, it is a natural state of buoyancy. Whereby uncovering our wisdom, then it restores our inner sight.

My Philosophy of Care

3P counseling is a health-centered practice. The foundational premise of 3P psychology is that everyone has well-being within already. Once a person realizes how thinking with the conscious mind can produce emotional states, it restores the ability to nurture well-being.

Equity: If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Eric via PM before booking your appointment to discuss your situation. Additional accommodations upon request. Thank you!

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

As a 3P practitioner, Eric provides supportive guidance towards healing. The first visit is centered around discovering well-being that resides within you already. It is explorative and an opportunity for you to express your understanding of the condition and your healing path.

For a sampling of research:

My Inspiration

We are all healers.
As a survivor, I have personally experienced the undercurrent of our world, and I know that it is possible to rise above it with self-love, patience, and forgiveness. My core is the same as any being - heart consciousness. The closer we are to our innate wisdom, the more well-being we experience.

Our natural homeostasis is wisdom. We are all on an expedition of self-discovery.


Questions & Answers

Eric Zúñiga, 3P - Three Principles Answers
While genetic testing is viable, it is yet to be a preventive standard. Currently, genetic testing is per request by your medical doctor from a specific medical concern. Single gene, panel, and large-scale genetic or genome testing are the primary types. For general information about testing, you can go to the Center For Disease Control & Prevention’s page: About risks, genetic markers can reveal predispositions of conditions or diseases before the symptoms occur. However, as Dr. Joyce Rockwood noted, plant-based diets can significantly protect you from many diseases, including those that are inherited. Why plant-based foods? For our bodies to function optimally, plant-based foods contain most of the nutrients our bodies require. When our gut is healthy, we are healthier. In addition to our genetic disposition, there are many environmental factors to consider too. For example, the quality of the air, water, and food interact with our genes, producing modifications, noted by Dr. Val Prahl, by way of epigenetics. Suffice to state that you can influence your genetics through routine activities. For example, ask yourself, is there anything you can do each day to promote your health? Ultimately, you are the decider. Of course, there is more to health than the physical. From a 3P view, your health begins in the psyche. Each of us thinks our way through life with a conscious mind. Our experience may vary each moment, yet there is a direct link between spirit and body. In this sense, our genetics, such as its modifications, rely on our well-being. For example, did you know that your immune system is more robust when you are happy and absorb nutrients more efficiently than sad? An attitude of gratitude can make a difference in your life and is a powerful remedy to genetically inherited diseases.

Eric Zúñiga

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