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Gina Van Luven, CHC, AADP
Gina Van Luven, CHC, AADP
Certified Health Coach
Mission: Inspire, motivate and empower people to create healthy habits that support their mind, body and soul.
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Gina Van Luven, CHC, AADP

About me

About me
As a wellness speaker, author and coach, I have great passion for helping people overcome limitations in their diet, lifestyle and environment that are keeping them stuck in a pattern of dis-ease. I believe we all have the ability to heal. I simply help you facilitate that process.

If you met me 20 years ago, I was very different than today. I was plagued with a myriad of symptoms that kept me stuck in a spiraling cycle. I had asthma, chronic allergies, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, irritable bowl, leaky gut, eczema, insomnia, arthritis and PMS with debilitating cramps.

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Autoimmune Disease
Digestive Disorders
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Colon Health
Brain Fog
Heart Health
Adrenal Fatigue
Gastrointestinal Disorders


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Offers in-person sessions
Offers virtual sessions
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Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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I'm based in Salt Lake City, UT, and offer in-person and video sessions.

Gina Van Luven, CHC, AADP

Salt Lake City, UT

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