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Dr. Aiden Seraphim L.Ac. DACM
Dr. Aiden Seraphim L.Ac. DACM
Doctor of Acupuncture / NET Practitioner / Meditation Teacher
Promoting Healing and Hope Through Natural Medicine
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Dr. Aiden Seraphim L.Ac. DACM

About me

About me
Dr. Aiden is amazing at helping people with stress, he does this very gentle technique that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. It's as if you go in and are a bomb about to explode, and you walk out feeling completely diffused like you are in the flow and everything is going to be ok. He is super intuitive and he can key in on exactly what it is that you need for that day. Sometimes he helps people with emotions, sometimes he helps people with more physical things like back pain, headaches, or digestive issues.

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Neuroemotional Technique (NET)
“I have been working with Aiden for a year and the results are steady progress. After years of avoiding some health issues I now see regular shifts and peeling back of layers that allow me to move to a next level of healing. Aiden perform...”
Kate over 3 years ago
“I have recently started with Aiden on a journey back too health.He has helped me manage the unpleasant symptoms of coming off of medications and getting back too being on a path to wellness.. I even now believe in the power of our bodies...”
Kim over 3 years ago
“Aiden has a gift! I have seen many acupuncturists, but I have never had results like I have experienced under his care. Aiden has the depth of skill and intuitive knowing that makes his work better than great. I highly recommend him!”
Sean over 3 years ago
“Aiden really goes above and beyond when taking care of his people. He is gifted in what he does and it really shows. You can just feel his passion when you’re at the center. Thank you Aiden for all you do, I’m grateful to have you in my ...”
Britta over 3 years ago
“My experience with Aiden has been phenomenal. I have had tightness in my knee for years which I attribute to an active youth spent skateboarding and snowboarding. My first month of treatments with Aiden have really loosened up that knee ...”
Jay over 3 years ago
“For months I had constant, terrible leg pain that had been treated by a chiropractor, general practitioner, an osteopath, a yoga massage therapist and nothing brought me relief. Then my osteopath actually recommended that I try acupunctu...”
Eva over 3 years ago
“I started coming to Aiden Seraphim after he cured my wife’s leg/back problems, which had continued for over 6 months and were becoming debilitating. He has been treating me due to a stroke I had in 2006. I can see & feel steady improveme...”
Henry over 3 years ago
“Aiden is one of the most understanding + honest beings. He reminds you of your own light + healing. He greets you with much compassion + love. Aiden cares to get to know you and together create a space for you to heal + be inspired. I hi...”
Elissa over 3 years ago
“Without even knowing it Heart Center Transformational Acupuncture has set in motion my own personal journey to come upon a balance I was missing. My visit to Aiden was initiated because of a chronic aching knee. However, his compassion a...”
Alicia over 3 years ago
“Aiden is an amazing healer! I was scheduled for an L5-S1 microdiscectomy after rupturing the disc, but thanks to Aiden, I decided to cancel the surgery! Not only have my symptoms of complete right-sided numbness disappeared, but my acid ...”
Lynn over 3 years ago


Offers in-person sessions
Offers virtual sessions
Works with infants, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors
Works with individuals, couples, and families
I respond in ~24 hours
2900 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Dr. Aiden Seraphim L.Ac. DACM

Costa Mesa, CA

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