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Jeri Candor
Jeri Candor
Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
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Private Six-Week Coaching

This weekly coaching program focuses on acute stress and anxiety that causes panic attacks. I will teach you what is happening in your body when you are in your fight or flight....

$1,200.00 · 60 minutes

Private Six-Week Coaching
Jeri Candor

About me

About me
I know tragedy, but I also know about thriving after the fact. After recovering from a broken neck, I knew I wanted to share all that I learned about managing fear. That is why I am a health and wellness coach. I specialize in holistic ways to manage fear, stress, and anxiety with brain training.

My Philosophy of Care
I honor my clients by respecting their individual needs and supporting their goals.

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Fears & Phobias
Self Awareness
Self Doubt
Social Anxiety
Self Compassion
Self Confidence
“Jeri helped relate my anxiety with an experience that was similar to it, but that I had a different perception about, the 50 freestyle—that I am excited to swim. Now when I’m anxious I’m aware that it’s just like a 50 free, in that it’s ...”
Wilson over 3 years ago
“Jeri is an inspirational speaker and teacher with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. She helped me overcome mental blocks and inspired me to persist in the face of challenges. I consider her a friend, mentor and trusted ad...”
Laurie over 3 years ago
“All of the techniques I learned have helped me deal with personal and work-related stress and I feel like I will use them for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to Jeri for sharing all of her knowledge. She is a great teacher and has ...”
Sara over 3 years ago
“Jeri really provided great strategies for me to use during times of heightened stress and anxiety.”
Denver over 3 years ago
“Jeri is a star in the night’s sky. She knows how to guide the way. I’ve worked with Jeri for over a year. During my weekly hour, her time and attention are focused squarely on my goals and aspirations. When roadblocks occur, she helps me...”
Debbie over 3 years ago
“Jeri is a natural teacher and leader. She has experienced the deepest of valleys and has climbed out stronger, confident, and more content than ever. Jeri was able to share that journey with us in a way that we could learn and understan...”
Renee over 3 years ago
“It was great to have you, we thought it went very well. You kicked off a journey for those that are ready to change. You have a gift and your passion radiates from you. Your methods did reach those that were ready to listen and make chan...”
Shane over 3 years ago
“First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation! I am not normally completely open to meditation type practices as they have never felt right to me, but the way you instructed us and presented the information it really d...”
Tina over 3 years ago
“I hired Jeri as a speaker for the Project Management International Conference I organized. She led an amazing three-hour workshop and was also our keynote speaker for the luncheon. She gave two very different perspectives on mindfulness ...”
Brenda over 3 years ago
“Jeri has been instrumental in my journey to managing a tremendously stressful time in my life. With her guidance and mindful coaching, Jeri introduced tools I needed to take my life back. Meditation is now a key component to my daily rou...”
Amy over 3 years ago


Offers virtual sessions
Works with adults, teenagers, and seniors
Works with individuals
I respond in ~24 hours

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I'm based in Cameron, IL, and offer virtual sessions.

Jeri Candor

Cameron, IL

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