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Julie Melili
Julie Melili
Quantum Wellness Coach - AO Scan Guide
If you're ready for easy, non-invasive, convenient, and sustainable methods of establishing more health and balance in your body, you're in the right place!
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AO Scan - Intro Session

This is an introduction to the AO Scan Mobile device and what it can do to help bring more balance and harmony to your body. You'll experience 4 types of scans: INNER-Voice, Vi...

$45.00 · 45 minutes

AO Scan 3-Day Demo with the Alpha3 Pass

Are you ready to experience the AO Scan Technology for yourself? Sign up to be sent an email that will give you access to use the AO Scan programs on your own for 3 days. You w...

$45.00 · 20 minutes

Emotion/Body Code Sample Session

Experience the Emotion Code for yourself! During this session, I'll release trapped emotions that can increase health, clarity, and overall wellness. This is simply an introduct...

$35.00 · 20 minutes

Emotion/Body Code Sample Session

Inner Voice Scan - AO Scan Mobile | Quantum Healing

INNER-Voice is one of the amazing programs of the AO Scan Mobile. This program analyzes over 2,000 frequencies in the voice across the 12-note octave in a 10-second recording of...

$20.00 · 15 minutes

5 Days Of Frequencies - Customized & Therapeutic

Booking this signs you up for 5 mini-sessions of 10 SEFI (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter) Frequencies that will be done 5 days in a row for 20 minutes. It's not necessary fo...

$120.00 · 15 minutes

Julie Melili

About me

About me
Julie Anna is the Founder and CEO of Revelation Navigation where she helps high-performers align their subconscious with their highest goals - physical, mental, and emotional. She has worked with over 400 clients in her healing work.
Additionally, she has led numerous retreats and masterminds for energy healers and has been a keynote speaker at Natural Health Expos.
Julie Anna is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner and is also a leading trainer with one of the world’s foremost frequency healing device companies, AO Scan Mobile.


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I'm based in Nashville, TN, and offer virtual sessions.

Julie Melili

Nashville, TN

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