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Kat Michaels
Kat Michaels
Angelic Energy Healer
I help spiritual seekers heal, expand, and evolve with energy work.
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1:1 Angelic Energy Tune-Up®

Angelic Energy Tune-Ups® are designed to comfortably dissolve any energetic blocks, cords, and harmful energies that are currently affecting you and replace them with increased ...

$111.00 · 20 minutes

1:1 Angelic Energy Tune-Up®
Kat Michaels

About me

About me
I’m a healer here to help you transcend harmful energy and patterns in your life, replacing them with love, stability, and joy.

I offer both 1:1 and on-demand healing sessions, imparting grounding and soothing energy while stimulating deep transformation, transmutation, and release. I amplify beneficial energies in each of my sessions to help you reach new heights personally, professionally, and spiritually.

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Emotional Release
Emotional Trauma
Neck Pain
Attachment Issues
Back Pain
““You never know, without meeting someone and experiencing them, what you’re going to get. That being said, after a very serendipitous moment with Kat coming to my awareness, I felt she was a good choice. I was not disappointed. Without g...”
Pam, 4 years ago
““Kat and I met through Reiki, and she soon became my mentor in establishing and enhancing my psychic gifts. Kat is a very patient and supportive mentor / teacher. She is dedicated to her students and has an amazing way of helping them un...”
Alia, 4 years ago
““I had a Blood Moon Angelic Energy Tune-Up. During the session, I felt quite relaxed. I did feel attention to my left ring finger. I have been divorced for quite a few years, but it had been a difficult break-up and long divorce proce...”
Rashel, 4 years ago
““Kat is extremely gifted at energy healing. My experience with her has been excellent. She is very professional and I truly feel like she is a part of my tribe! I highly recommend her services.””
Emily, 4 years ago
““I love my sessions with Kat. I have had a past life reading, a heal the witch, and heal the healer session with her. Every one has brought so much value to my own development, and I am really getting to know my soul. As a mental health ...”
Aimee, 4 years ago
““You are a gem, Kat, and I am so grateful and excited to have found you. I have never met you in person, neither have I known anything about you and your work, however, I trust you with my energy with my eyes closed (literally haha) and...”
Adele, 4 years ago


Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English and Spanish
I respond in ~24 hours

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I'm based in Cheyenne, WY, and offer virtual sessions.

Kat Michaels

Cheyenne, WY

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