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Kelly Myszkowski
Kelly Myszkowski
Transformational Coach & Craniosacral Therapist
Looking for your life Purpose? Sync with your Soul to ease your life transition, naturally align with your spiritual path, resolve limiting bodymindsets and make your impact in the world.
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Pitch-free Get Acquainted Chat

Got questions? Curious? Want to know more? I'd love to connect! YOU are important, and the changes you're seeking are deeply personal. It's important that you resonate with the ...

Free · 30 minutes

Quantum Element Alignment Session

Desire clarity, connection, and empowered direction, whether for routine self-care, or to move forward to what's next? A Quantum Element Alignment Session is a personalized ...

$147.00 · 45 minutes

Quantum Element Alignment Session

Virtual Craniosacral Care Session

Enhanced relaxation, optimizing alignment with your innate Blueprint for health, well-being, and Purpose. Focusing on optimizing the energy flow of your craniosacral system. T...

$125.00 · 45 minutes

Virtual Craniosacral Care Session
Kelly Myszkowski

About me

Have you been dismissing your Soul's whispers for fulfillment beyond traditional "success" because you don't know where to start, or how to let go of what's traditionally familiar?

I guide Soul-Searching professional women to break through their inner glass ceilings to have the fulfilling lives they yearn for, making their YOU-nique impact.

I've been there. I didn't think I had a "Purpose" - only special people did. So, I kept "doing what you do", with all of the traditional success boxes checked. BUT, those whispers grew louder into physical discomforts I couldn't ignore.

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Distance Energy Work
Energy Healing
Guided Meditation
Human Design
Intuition Development
Intuitive Healer
Life Purpose
Life Transitions
Limiting Beliefs
Mind-Body Connections
“My time with Kelly filled me with excitement and fresh energy for my healing and amazing visions of what's to come for my journey forward in my life. So powerful and an experience of connection I have never had before with my higher bein...”
Dawn J.6 months ago
Booked 3 times
““I was struggling with back, neck, and heel pain/discomfort, as well as stress-related jaw and neck tension. It took about 4 sessions for me to experience less pain and more mobility (I could ride my bike again!). I feel very good, rel...”
Coleen over 4 years ago
““When I first started coaching with Kelly, I wanted to become clear about who I am, and what I need for myself in my life, and in my relationship with my husband. I didn’t know where to begin, nor did I have the strength to go forward my...”
C.F. over 4 years ago
““When I first began working with Kelly over 14 years ago, I was dealing with a sudden elevation of blood pressure, stiffness in hips, various tender trigger points, and anxiety. My doctor suggested that I would probably benefit from mass...”
A. over 4 years ago
““I was struggling with migraines. I have experienced a decrease in frequency and severity of migraines, and eliminated use of prescription medication, beginning after 1-2 sessions. The benefits have increased with each session. I am t...”
Amanda over 4 years ago


Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English
Works with adults
Works with individuals
I respond in ~24 hours

Schedule a free discovery call now.

I'm based in Little Falls, NY, and offer virtual sessions.

Kelly Myszkowski

Little Falls, NY

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