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Angela Downey
Angela Downey
Mindset, Nutrition,Run Gait & Posture Analyst/Rehab, Mobility
At LoveUrLife, I believe in unlocking your body's full potential to enhance your life and performance. As a holistic coach, we focus on nurturing not just physical strength, but also mental resilience and overall wellness. Our tailored programs encompass personalized movement routines, mobility drills, and mindset coaching to empower you to reach your goals, whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance or someone looking to live a more active, fulfilling life.
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Free · 15 minutes

Run Gait / Posture Analysis / Run and Cue Session / Functional Movement Assessment

Comprehensive Gait Analysis: Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art technology to analyze your running gait from every angle. By assessing factors such as stride length, ...

$250.00 · 60 minutes

Run Gait / Posture Analysis / Run and Cue Session / Functional Movement Assessment

PreHab ReHab Full Body Treatment

We will use several up to date and state of the art tools (created by scientist, doctors and therapist) in order to your correct body' movement. s use MIT's Legendary Pact Sens...

$125.00 · 60 minutes

PreHab ReHab Full Body Treatment
Angela Downey

About me

Angela Downey is a seasoned athlete with a passion for optimizing performance and wellness. With 15 years of experience in the medical turned fitness, nutrition, and life coaching, Angela has honed her expertise to empower individuals to reach their highest potential. Her hyper-focus lies in mindset development, understanding that mental strength is just as crucial as physical prowess.

Specializing in run gait, posture, and sprint performance, Angela is dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal efficiency and results in their athletic pursuits.

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“My teenage son worked with Angela over the last few months and we can see the difference in his performance. He initially started working with her on physical training, then on mental focus and toughness. She listened to where he was and...”
Anonymous1 month ago
“Angela has been great to partner with over the past year, and I credit her for helping me reach my goals. I will continue to reach out and utilize her as needed. I continue to recommend her anytime the situation presents itself.”
Cheryl 3 months ago
“Angela is energetic and professional. She is a joy to work with and we learned so much from her. A wellspring of knowledge and inspiration!”
Ryan 3 months ago
“Angela is a great coach with a positive, uplifting attitude that empowers you to do your best. She does a wonderful job pushing when needed and pulling back if it's not your day.”
Alyssa 3 months ago
“In January I had a conversation with Angela. We talked about goals, building strength and getting rid of my pooch 🤣 I decided to attain my goals in 3 months. On January 1st I listed my goals and what I needed to do for the next 3 mont...”
Marylou 3 months ago
“I had the privilege of meeting Angela years ago when I joined her and mutual friends for a run. Ever since, she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Not only does she lead with her heart, but this woman knows her stuff! I had been ha...”
Nicole 3 months ago
“Angela is amazing! I don’t know where I would be in my life if I didn’t have her to help lead me to a more balance and loving self. She has supported me through thick and thin and pushed me to achieve goals and accomplishments I never ...”
Maleia 3 months ago
“Angela was so knowledgeable about foot injury recovery. Just before I had to start training fry first marathon, I turned my ankle. She worked with me and gave me recovery exercise that held get my foot better t be able to start my traini...”
Jan 3 months ago
“Thank You Educating me”
Alex L.almost 3 years ago
“Coach Ang is an absolute gem and has been so helpful in helping me get my mind right about my mindset, nutrition, and fitness. She is an amazing motivator and is so responsive and helpful. On top of that, she is just such a positive pe...”
Christina over 3 years ago


Offers in-your-home sessions
Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English
Works with children, teenagers, adults, and seniors
Works with individuals, couples, families, and group sessions
I respond in ~24 hours

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I'm based in Wilmington, NC, and offer in-person and video sessions.

Angela Downey

Wilmington, NC

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