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Together let’s explore every system and symptom, plus a few key objective measures; let’s paint a picture of your health what needs to chnge

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About me

I’ve made it my life purpose to help individuals enjoy good health using only effective, natural, healing tools. During the 1980’s and my ten-year career as a research scientist for Amgen, Inc., I developed cutting edge therapies and diagnostic tests that improved treatments for cancer and renal failure.

I truly enjoy the benefits of technology, but when it comes to human beings we keep learning that Nature knows best. Through my 30-year journey studying and using holistic and natural tools for healing and wellness, what have I learned? Although science might be able to explain why things work at a level of detail unavailable even a few decades ago, over and over the same body of science proves the validity of tools from Ancient Chinese Medicine, from Ayurvedic Systems, from Mind-Body healing… even if we cannot yet explain them.

High-tech medicine today is oriented toward fast, impersonal diagnosis leading to set treatments with drugs and surgery. Nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy and other traditional healing regimens are not prioritized for research because they are considered established and safe. Only pharmaceuticals can carry patent protection to recover the high costs of research.

I contribute to holistic health research so we may better understand how and when to apply natural tools to address imbalances brought about by our modern world. I also look for natural, living things all around as these are what I find shifts even serious chronic disease along the spectrum toward perfect health. I surround myself with plants and beautiful gardens, get out into wild places with my friends and family, and remain connected to the water, air and earth.

There is a lot of technology behind my healing programs. I just don’t believe we have to drug our bodies into submission. We don’t need to fight every pain, discomfort, or unwanted emotion by putting foreign substances into our bodies.

Our bodies need concentrated nutrition, detoxification, hormone balancing, improved circulation and blood flow, and immune support.

We need an expert who cares enough to offer real help—a caregiver who truly listens with expertise to connect each client’s unique pattern of symptoms with the exact remedies appropriate to their situation, including their personal preferences, lifestyle, and spiritual philosophy.

Guessing about remedies and diets may be why you haven’t gotten results in other places. There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Each of my clients is unique, and every person needs a unique set of holistic and natural approaches to get and stay well, have energy and live younger longer.

When it comes to human beings, Nature knows best. Sometimes we need to listen.o

Marie Sternquist

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