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Certified Ersdal Zone Therapist, Licensed Avatar Master

A complete approach to improving your health At The Wellness Zone we believe that true health consists of more than good diet and body work

Saint Paul, MN

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About me

I was raised in a family that is devoted to alternative health practices. Both of my parents are Holistic health practitioners and all of my siblings and I have gone into some form of alternative health practice.
I am extremely passionate about natural medicine and holistic therapies. For me and my family this is the first and generally only route we take when looking to improve our state of health. Zone Therapy is an amazing modality that I was introduced to when I was just 10 years old. My parents held many holistic seminars at our house and through that my mother began her study of this therapy from its developer, Charles Ersdal. The story of Zone Therapy goes back quite a long ways and has many contributors throughout history, but Dr. Charles Ersdal broadened the scope of this therapy to include the ENTIRETY of the body which makes this modality quite amazing and effective. After Ersdal's death in March of 1995, Christine Horvath became the teacher of his method of Zone Therapy and I studied under her and became certified in 2008. I began my own practice in 2012 and have enjoyed helping many people through the application of this therapy ever since. I am also currently studying to become a teacher of the therapy and am very excited to continue moving Charles' work forward so that future generations can continue to benefit from this amazing work!
I was married in August of 2015 and had my first baby in October of 2017 and am now practicing out of my home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I am excited to grow with the Daocloud community and help to spread awareness of different modalities of alternative healthcare!


Matilda Ritsema

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