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Health coaching designed for you. My mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures.

Colebrook, NH
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Michelle Strasburger has been helping people for 1 year
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)
Certificate in Hormone Health
Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

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31 Day To Mindful Nutrition Program
This is a group program that kicks off on October 15, 2021. It includes a ton of individual support and group support with a focus on making mindful nutrition decisions. You'll get a 3 day cleanse, daily emails, workbooks, prizes and much more as you work towards your wellness journey.
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About me

I don't have a traditional background as a healer. I think that's what makes me unique. I've been passionate about health and wellness my whole life and have been curious about learning about what makes me "healthy". I have spent the last 20+ years in Human Resources but felt a pull towards a greater calling. I also wanted to be more intentional about how I spent my time with my family and my children. I have 2 amazing sons and an incredibly supportive and loving husband. Having a demanding career and a family, left me with little time for self care, but that's what I needed to heal and live a healthier, more intentional life.
I became a health coach to help others find the areas that they need to heal. I received my health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am currently working towards my Certified Nutrition Coach certification to continually support the needs of my clients.
My goal is to help others find what they need to heal and create lifestyle changes that work for them. You may be looking to lose a few pounds, to feel good about yourself, to improve your confidence, to perform better at work, to improve your relationships, be a better parent or just feel good overall. What I love about health coaching is that we look at everything that feeds you; on and off the plate and tailor a program that is just for you to help you achieve your goals. I'm excited to partner with you in your health journey!

My Philosophy of Care

I believe that we're all different so a prescriptive approach will NOT work. I also believe that fad diets don't work. That's why we work together to design strategies that work for you AND are lifestyle adjustments, so they work and results are sustainable.
In addition, I offer corporate programs utilizing my HR experience and coaching programs to build meaningful programs to help employees and employers find wellness.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

In the first visit, we'll talk about your health history, which is a holistic approach to your health. We'll focus on areas that you want to prioritize and set some goals. We'll talk about your goals and what that means for you. In addition, you'll set some doable next steps that work for you in the next two weeks. I'll offer advice and recommendations as needed or answer any questions you have. The session will take about 50 minutes and you'll receive detailed notes and relevant resources.

My Inspiration

I didn't know much about this space until about 5 years ago. I saw a chiropractor regularly, but that was it. I started working for a company that was in the integrative medicine space and I became curious. At that point, my son was 6 years old and we noticed that he wasn't really eating anything and it had been a problem since infancy. I brought him to a naturopath and they recommended us to a pallet therapist and she found that he had a tongue tie. I immediately became passionate about it.

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Questions & Answers

Michelle Strasburger Answers
Don't be upset with yourself. Most New Years resolutions fail. They fail for a bunch of reasons. The biggest one is that we try a diet or a cleanse and when it's over, we're back to our normal routines. The other reason is that there's no accountability. We'll let ourselves down on our promises 90% of the time, but we won't let our friends down. Having someone that you can rely on to hold you accountable can help you be more successful. That's one of my favorite things about health coaching. In addition, losing weight is a HUGE goal. I would recommend taking a look at your lifestyle, your nutrition and anything bringing you stress to see what is going on there. You can make some smaller adjustments over time that become lifestyle changes. Once you implement these and they stick, it will feel less like a diet and more like your lifestyle.
Michelle Strasburger Answers
Everyone! It's a great opportunity to evaluate your diet. As a health coach, I myself have benefited from nutrition counseling. It's a learning process for anyone to take advantage of. I also believe that it could be hugely beneficial for anyone that's having any type of health challenge. Food is medicine and knowing what works and doesn't work for your own system can help you heal.

Michelle Strasburger

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