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Angela K Johnson
Angela K Johnson
Spiritual-Somatic Trauma Healing Practitioner, BodyTalker, Group-Facilitator & Parts-Work Coach
Somatic Mastery Group-Series and 1:1's for stabilizing embodied heart-centered self-attunement. Body-armoring tension gently melts as shadow-aspects unmask and integrate for deep, grounded healing.
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Somatic Emotional Resolution/Coaching or BodyTalk

***Holiday Special $1111 for 55-min x 10-pack *** Somatic Emotional Resolution sessions facilitate the recovery-journey of one's primary relationship with the somatic channel ...

$222.00 · 85 minutes

Angela K Johnson

About me

About me
I am Angela K Johnson, mother of two grown children, deep lover of nature and devotee to the embodied healing of individual and collective trauma. My passion and heart-centered study is embodied activism where the Light of spirituality is meeting and healing the shadow-landscapes, within myself (my body as inner-laboratory) and where I am called to engage my Attention with others, as clients, students, and collaborators.

Ideal students to join my teaching-series are on the spiritual path and longing for somatic mastery.


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“At the time I began seeing Angela, I had lots of pain around my shoulder from a very small tear in my glenoid labrum, causing pain in my neck and shoulder blade on the same side as the injury, and tension around the other shoulder as wel...”
Sheila over 4 years ago
“"Angela, I am so glad I've been having BodyTalk sessions with you. I'm the least stressed I've EVER been visiting home. I'm actually finding dad's obsessive compulsiveness somewhat humorous instead of intolerable. Thx so much!"”
Angela over 4 years ago


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Angela K Johnson


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