Arin Sanders

Master Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Techniques, Relationshi

R.E.L.E.A.S.E. Coaching

Master Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Techniques, Relationship, Spiritual, Life & Success Coaching and EFT.

Oklahoma City, OK
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License, Credentials & Experience

Arin has been helping people for 12 years
Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Transform Destiny
Certified Master Practitioner of Time Techniques
Transform Destiny
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Transform Destiny
Certified Master Life & Success Coach
Transform Destiny
Neuro-Linguistic Programming™
Transform Destiny
Certified TIME Techniques Practitioner
Transform Destiny
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Transform Destiny
Certified Life and Success Coach
Transform Destiny
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Transform Destiny
Ordained Minister Practitioner Certificate
Universal Life Church Ministries
Certified Relationship Coach
IAP career college
International board of Coaches and Practitioners
International Board of Choaches and Practioners
International Association of Professional Relationship Coaches
International of Association of Professional Organizations

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Relationship Intensive
Your guide to a better relationship will include a 15-30 minute Phone Consult prior to Intensive to help clarify goals and answer questions, A comprehensive assessment to help understand relationship dynamic and patterns, Learn and develop, and apply 8 dynamics of a successful relationships. (include communication, healthy conflict resolution, friendship, and more) Lunch for two included, Goal Strategy, and a one week Follow-up.
420 Minutes   •   $1500

Free discovery call
15 Minutes   •   FREE

Time Techniques
Time techniques are designed to assist with eradicating issues grounded in the past or future. During the sessions we also deal with helping you to release negative emotions, rethink limiting decisions that ultimately led to limiting beliefs or other problems, and to help you with finding solutions for your future success and progression.
90 Minutes   •   $175

Virtual Appointments
Arin is based in Oklahoma City, OK and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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Arin Sanders

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