Dr. Christina Massey

Psychologist & Integrative Health Coach

Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Certified Integrative Health Coach

Boston, MA
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License, Credentials & Experience

Dr. Massey has been helping people for 5 years
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PhD)
The Graduate Center, CUNY
MA in Clinical Psychology
The Graduate Center, CUNY
Masters in Forensic Psychology
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Columbia University, New York
American Psychopathological Association
American Psychopathological Association
American Psychological Association (APA)
American Pscyhological Association
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Commonwealth of Massachusetts , #10683
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Duke Integrative Medicine

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Integrative Health Coaching Introduction
This is the initial meeting for a three to four month integrative health coaching package. We will discuss the coaching process, limits of confidentiality, the structure of the coaching package, and a general sense of what areas of health and well-being you may want to focus on in the coming months.
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Virtual Only, Boston MA 02114, United States
Tue: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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About me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with wide ranging experience in various types of psychotherapy as well as diagnostic evaluations that include specific treatment recommendations. I have a particular specialty in treating individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. I am also a Certified Integrative Health Coach. I have been involved in research developing interventions that use Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing to help individuals with chronic illness be more active and healthy. I really enjoyed this work and then went on to train specifically as an Integrative Health Coach. Health Coaching is different from psychotherapy; while psychotherapy focuses on improving specific symptoms/disorders, Health Coaching is a way to use my training in behavioral change to cultivate a much broader sense of health and wellness that can include goals related to physical activity, nutrition, mind-body connection, relationships/communications, and personal and professional development. Also unlike psychotherapy where I am more active in guiding my clients toward a particular goal, as an Integrative Health Coach, I walk alongside my clients and provide support and encouragement as they work towards their ultimate goals.

My Philosophy of Care

An Integrative Health Coach is someone who works alongside clients to meet goals related to health and wellbeing defined broadly. If you want to make particular changes in exercise, nutrition/diet, mind-body connection, personal and professional development, relationships, etc., a client can meet with a coach to establish specific and realistic goals and receive ongoing support, encouragement, and problem-solving assistance. There is a particular focus on maintaining the progress throughout.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

It is often the case that my clients are nervous and cautious during their first visit, not knowing what to expect and perhaps feeling overwhelmed about the health and wellness journey that lies ahead. I have been consistently told that I have a very warm, validating, and non-judgmental presence that helps put clients more at ease. I tend to use the first session as a way to get to know the client more, and I also encourage my clients to take the opportunity to evaluate me and my style to see if I am a good fit for the goals they are hoping to accomplish. In most cases, I let the client set the pace and goals, and my focus is on making sure they feel safe and understood.

My Inspiration

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with how others think and behave. I also have felt compelled to establish a career where my role is to help others. Through my work as both a psychologist and a health coach, I have the exciting opportunity to help others in two very different, but equally effective, ways. Through my work, I have learned an enormous amount about how and why others think and behave, and I am continuously grateful to be able to help my clients grow.

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Dr. Christina Massey

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