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Cynthia is a practitioner who listens and pays attention to what is out of-balance and what is in-balance. Connecting and healing with compassion.

Honeoye, NY

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About me

I teach shamanism, have a healing practice and have facilitated the shamanic drum circle in Rochester NY for 13 years.

My Philosophy of Care

It was not inspiration that led me onto this path to become a shamanic practitioner. It was dying twice, Saturday and Sunday, June 2004 in the hospital. A year later, when shamanism, it became the only thing in the world that made sense to me.
What happened: my appendix had exploded and I did not know as it did not present typically. My appendix had been located under my large intestine. I thought I had the flu, after 3 days in bed, my body was green, I was septic from the poison of the gangrene flowing throughout my body.
In the hospital nothing could be done, the surgeon told me he could not operate and I would die on the table if he cut me open. He said, the way I had taken care of my body prior to coming to the hospital would determine if I would live, as my body had to clean up the infection. He only knew of 2 people who had survived this kind of infection. A bleak outcome.
At the time, the Dr's were thinking the problem was my ovaries because they could not find the appendix.

The evening of the day I was admitted, after being hooked up to all the monitoring equipment, given massive drugs for the intense pain, I closed my eyes and I saw myself walking toward a white light. When I reached the white light I was aware of crossing over something and all these people and animals came out to surround me. One of the people behind me put his hand on my shoulder. It was my Dad. No one would look at me, their faces averted so as not to meet my eyes. (it took a year for me to understand that if they had looked at me, I would have chosen to stay) We greeted one another and they told me it was not yet my time, but I could stay if I wanted to. They told me I was on earth for someone and I could feel the truth of that, so I chose to go back. Then I had a life review of this lifetime, from birth to death. I got to hang out with my animals and go everywhere for hours and hours in all the beauty, peacefulness and love of this place. It smelled so good!

Then, when I opened my eyes , it was morning, back in my hospital room. This was Sunday, the second day and nurses swarmed around me, feeling helpless to do anything, only able to check this and that. Friends and my Mom coming to visit and I was in and out of consciousness. Then in the early evening my organs quickly started to shut down and I knew I was dying. Except for the nurse, I was alone, my Mom and friends had already gone home and I could not remember anyones phone number. I know the feeling of dying with no one present who truly who loves you, looking into your eyes with love. I knew this was the end, no matter how I had left things at home or with my friendships, there was no time for words or actions, nothing more could be done. This was final.
Crying while the nurse held my hand, I closed my eyes and there was the white light, me walking toward it. I crossed over and as before, everyone came to stand around me. We greeted one another, then they told me this was my last chance. We talked about my little problems back on earth and they gave me a list to work on. I got to hang out again going all over the place enjoying the incredible peacefulness, colors and beauty.
I have been working on the list since then and it has not been easy as it has required real change on my part.
In the morning when I opened my eyes it was Monday morning and the Dr's were walking the surgical unit making their Monday rounds. They were plodding, gray colored and very serious. I was aware I felt great, my energy was amazing and I felt SO healthy. There was a white light beaming from my body onto the wall. My bed was next to the door and there was no logical reason for such a bright white light. When the Dr's walked into my room they had to walk through the light, as they di, they changed. They started laughing, joking around and everyone was happy. Later that day, I was taken for CT scans and other testing because there was a mystery. I was completely healed! No one understood why and I did not speak to anyone about the white light because I didn't know of anyone who spoke of it.
A few days later, upon release, my Mom took me home and I was seeing ghosts, entities, demons, people's past lives, hearing people's thoughts and I thougt I was going crazy.
I could not remember what I had just thought because the gangrene had wiped out my brain. Life became an endless series of notes written to capture the thought I just had and I had to teach myself how to do everything again. How to drive the car, to draw, to cook, to use the computer....everything. It took 6 months before I could follow a conversation, a year until I had a vocabulary more than "a", "the", "and"....just simple words.
The spirits came to me 24/7 and this was difficult for me. No rest day or night. My pastor said, the veils had been thinned.
There is a small window just outside of my body that is connected to the Other Side and they go to it to talk to me. It felt overwhelming to me and I had no one to talk to about this.
All summer into September I was tested to try to find the origin of my septis and in Late September, the surgeon said he was pretty sure it had been my appendix. I asked about my brain, he said he had never had a patient complain about problems with their brain and he offered to have the neurologists look at me. I declined as I had had enough of technicians examining my body and I went home.
In March of the next year, I was walking my dog through the Mount Hope Cemetery (I always walked the road on the previous 3 times I had been there with her), this time a fox was calling, she yanked the leash out of my hand and ran across the graves. I had to follow her. As I ran across the graves, someone in one of the graves reached up and grabbed me, taking almost all of my essence. I could barely walk for three days and it was then, I said, this has to stop.
I remembered the wife of a friend of mine who always talked about the little people. (I always rolled my eyes) So, I called her and told her what had been happening. Turns out she was an internationally known shaman, Dr. Cecile Carson, she told me she was going to teach me how to journey and that was the beginning of me saving my sanity, walking the shamanic path.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

I am surprised at how often the people who come to see me express their surprise at the level of kindness, tenderness, attention, softness and effectiveness they experience in the healing and conversation.

My Inspiration

If you are feeling stuck or have loss of power, contact me. We will have a shamanic conversation to see what the possibilities are for you and move forward with that knowledge into healing. A healing session could take up to two hours.

Cynthia Nado Reviews

5.0 of 5 (1)

Cynthia Nado
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