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Free initial consultation.
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Personal Life Guidance
Using various proven processes - including NLP, guided inner journeying, and other modalities - we will explore the glitches that are holding you back, and will refine your connection to your own deep wisdom and inner compass.
90 Minutes   •   $100

Chinese Face Reading
Based on the ancient art and science of the Eastern world, Chinese Face Reading decodes your features to discover the treasure map of who you were born to be - your way of experiencing and expressing yourself in the world, your emotional blueprint, and the experiences you came here to have. An entertaining, impactful, and powerful session.
90 Minutes   •   $100


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Feeling Stuck In Life
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135 N 900 E, St. George, UT 84770, USA
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About me

I love order, structure, statistics, research, and systems. But I also crave connection, freedom, adventure, and the mysteries of life. Long before I received my degree in Psychology, I knew I couldn't be a therapist - labeling and fixing clients clashed with my desire to explore their unique journey and witness their unfolding empowerment. Transformational life coaching was a perfect fit. My kaleidoscope toolbox of methods and modalities supports clients as they escape stuckness and suffering, understand their own unique way of decoding and processing life, discover their super powers, and align with a life that is meaningful, rich and a perfect fit, navigated and aligned to their own North Star.

Why do we lose our way? Since childhood, we were taught and have come to accept beliefs about ourselves, others, work, family, and how our world works. Many of these teachings are powerful, true and meaningful. Other concepts worked for a short time, but are now outdated. Some were and are still toxic and dangerous. Pain - either emotional, spiritual or physical - is a gift: a clear message that we are stuck in beliefs that are in opposition with our true and highest self. These beliefs are like computer programs that constantly run in the background, affecting our moods, feelings, relationships, self-worth, work, finances, and even our physical health. It is like navigating with a broken compass that needs to be re-calibrated.

Is is possible to reset your inner compass? Through a variety of modalities and proven processes, Inner Compass Life will support you in letting go of unfavorable beliefs and emotions ~ easily and quickly. Together we will explore and discover the glitches in the system, gently release them, and then experience the freedom and clarity of navigating with an instrument aligned with your own true North. The journey begins here!


Debi Barmonde

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