Diana O. Wright, HTCP

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)

As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I have completed training through the Healing Touch Program's rigorous curriculum.

Rock Hill, SC

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5.0 of 5 (2)
“Diana, you saved me!!! I was in so much pain from 2 surgeries and just could not find relief until I found you. I felt like I was floating above myself without pain while having a session of Healing Touch. Nothing else had done that for me for quite awhile. I absolutely loved the process and still use it for sleep. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. Love you so much.
“My experience with Diana was unusually rewarding! Walking in feeling one way which I knew as my ‘normal’ pain-filled self, and walking out so very different – light, free feeling and steady! ‘What happened to me?’ I thought. Thanks, so much!

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Rock Hill
1044 Oakland Ave, Rock Hill SC 29732, United States
Mon: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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About me

I was an intuitive child, but I didn't embrace that "knowingness" until my 60s. My intuition served me well, anyway, in my teaching career and in volunteer work. After retirement, I breathed a desperate prayer for guidance. The answer, "healing touch," made no sense to me. I listened anyway, and the journey led to incredible discoveries. I remembered my intuition and empathy, and I knew it was time to follow this new path in my journey.

Now, as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I celebrate, daily, the blessing to facilitate clients' self-healing by harmonizing and balancing their bio-energy fields, integrating this holistic energy modality with their physicians and other practitioners who address the medical and bodywork aspects of health and healing. "Healing Touch"... What a perfect answer it was, after all!

Healing Touch is an energy modality in which practitioners use our hands in a heart-felt way, in unconditional love, to balance and harmonize our clients' energy fields and energy centers to promote health and healing and the clients' highest good.
Healing Touch...
*can stand alone but is not meant to replace or negate clients'
current health-care regimens.
*integrates well with other holistic or alternative health-care
practices and with standard medical care.
*practitioners clear and balance the energy field (aura) and energy
centers (chakras) but are not licensed to perform medical
procedures, prescribe medications, or suggest changes to clients'
medical care.
*is gentle and noninvasive, involving light physical touch or hands-
off-body "touch." (If a client so desires, physical touch is not
*can coordinate with any other practices to promote self-healing
for issues in the realms of physical, emotional, mental, or
spiritual health.
*is energy work, not body work, and is not to be confused with

What to expect at an in-person Healing Touch appointment:
*a brief Intake or Update chat while sitting in a calming and noise-
controlled (if possible) space
*setting intentions for health and healing during the session
*remaining fully clothed
*lying on a padded treatment table, with the option for a sheet or
sheet and light blanket covering you
*relaxing with eyes closed (In some cases, such as some autistic
children I have treated, it is not emotionally comfortable for the
client to close his/her eyes. That's fine, but most people are more
able to ignore the "outside" world for awhile with their eyes
*hands-on or hands-above-body techniques to harmonize the
energy system to address intentions
*Most clients prefer to remain silent during the techniques, but
speaking certainly is allowed...and the client has the right to ask
me to pause or stop at any time.
*gently "coming back" to the reality of the healing space and the
remainder of the day
*brief post-assessment chat
*A full-session appointment usually lasts from 60 to 75 minutes,
depending on the length of discussion time and the Healing
Touch techniques needed.
*follow-up text or email for feedback and support in a day or two

What to expect at a distance/remote Healing Touch appointment:
*set a specific appointment date and time
*a brief Intake or Update chat by phone or email prior to the
appointment (Intake form sent and received via email or snail
mail before first appointment, then discussed during the phone
chat. Update chats before additional appointments.)
*Text or email intentions before the appointment time, unless we
set those during our chat.
*About 15 minutes prior to the appointment, I will text to let you
know that I am getting prepared for our remote session.
*Relax in your location, with no distractions if possible, knowing
that we are energetically joined so I can attune to your needs
during the session.
*hands-on or hands-above-body techniques on a surrogate to
harmonize your energy system to address your best health and
highest good and your preset intentions (I usually use a stuffed
animal to stand in for you, as I conduct the techniques on my end,
so I can maintain focus on you easily.) Most remote clients do not
feel these touches-from-a-distance, but a few notice some
buzzing or tickling or painless energy surges, at times.
*Plan to remain silent during the techniques, minimizing any
interruptions that occur on your end. (If an unexpected distraction
does come up, end the interruption as calmly and quickly as you
can and then relax again.)
*When I text that the session has ended, gently "come back" to the
reality of the space around you and to the remainder of your day
or evening . If you want to be left alone to sleep at the end of the
session, let me know not to text an end-of-session notice at that
*brief post-assessment chat, text, or email, time permitting
*I'll send a follow-up text or email in a day or two for support and
*A full-session remote appointment usually lasts about 60 minutes.
If you've scheduled only a mini-session, such as for a headache or
a recent minor injury, it may last about 20 minutes.

RESEARCH: Hospitals, universities, professional organizations, private foundations, and the National Institutes of Health have funded research about Healing Touch. These issues are among those that have been included in research studies:
*Stress reduction/Relaxation response
*Death and dying
*Pain reduction and management
*Patient satisfaction and experience
*Wellness and prevention
*Spiritual/Personal growth
*Cardio-vascular disease
*Cancer treatment and care
*Endocrine/Immunity function

Studies support Healing Touch as a viable integrative therapy for clients. The research supports these benefits of Healing Touch:
*Reduces pain
*Reduces anxiety
*Relieves stress and depression
*Provides support during chemotherapy
*Strengthens the immune system
*Creates a sense of well-being
*Reduces effects of trauma and chronic pain
*Enhances recovery from surgery
*Deepens spiritual connection
*Supports the dying process

My clients have self-reported many changes in their feedback to me. This does not constitute research, of course, but supports the idea that Healing Touch techniques can help promote many positive changes. All of my clients, to date, have combined Healing Touch care with the care of their other health-care providers, so I can't claim that Healing Touch is a/the responsible factor. But my clients' perspectives affirm welcomed effects to reduce or relieve the issues below following their HT sessions, and I am grateful to be a part of that positive aspect of their lives.
*Relaxation and stress-relief
*Reduced pain from chronic issues (fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica)
*Reduced pain from acute issues (injuries, accidents, surgery)
*Anger-management (caused by severe concussion... Healing
Touch referral after completing the Medical Concussion Protocol.)
*Headaches (tension or sinus)
*Vocal cord strain or polyps
*Upper-respiratory issues
*Back and/or neck pain
*Carpal tunnel and other ligament/tendon/sheaf inflammation
*Tinnitus (One client; some others, not.)
*Pregnancy support
*Pre- and Post-surgery support
*Pre- and Post-chemotherapy support
*Pre- and Post-Radiation support
*Panic attacks
*Stress-related hair loss
*Bites, stings, minor cuts and abrasions
*Gums, teeth, jawbones
*Fertility support
*Mental clarity and focus
*Improved self-esteem
*Autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, and separation anxiety
*Immune support
*Endocrine support
*Bone health
*Cancer support
*Neuropathy support
*Being grounded

Questions & Answers

Diana O. Wright, HTCP Answers
In addition to the measures that you are taking (hooray!), many clients report reduced blood pressure with Healing Touch sessions. Here is a testimonial from one of my clients: “My friend Diana had been training for something called Healing Touch. I'd never even heard of it before she mentioned it to me. When you don't know anything about it,… Well, it wasn't something that was exactly on my radar as a possible treatment method, but as she explained it to me, it certainly piqued my interest. I guess you might even call me the ‘doubting Thomas.’ Before I had my first Healing Touch treatment, I was totally dubious about the entire process. "I'd been having trouble with high blood pressure, not controlled, though I was on plenty of medication. We were actually visiting Diana and Randy and that night, I had a nauseating headache, which was a sure sign that my blood pressure was elevated. *When I took my blood pressure reading, it was well over normal range, 187/80. I was not surprised because it was not unusual to run that high on a regular basis. This particular night I was suffering. My systolic was what I was having the most trouble controlling. “So I decided that since nothing else was working, perhaps Healing Touch could not do any harm and might possibly help me. At that point, I'd try anything. I asked Diana if she'd be willing to do her Healing Touch on me, even though it was 10 p.m. For one hour Diana worked her miracles and when she finished, I immediately noticed I had no headache. What? I could not believe it. I took my bp and it had dropped 40 points. That is impressive! She told me that it likely would continue dropping and I should see a difference because the energy treatment might continue to progress for 24-48 hours or even longer. "Well, let me just say that if I had any doubts before the treatment, I am a believer now. Nothing but the power of Healing Touch, and especially Diana's touch, could have done what it did. After my shower and crawling into the bed, I took my blood pressure just once more to see if it actually continued to drop. I could hardly wait until the next morning to tell her that my bp was at 119/60 before I went to sleep. A miracle. Peace.--------------------Sally A” (Sally included her last name, but I have chosen to use the initial.) *Note: The client measured her blood pressure herself. I am certified to do energy work but am not licensed to do medical procedures.
Diana O. Wright, HTCP Answers
In addition to other measures, energy work can promote the reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms. I practice Healing Touch, an energy-healing modality, and I also have training to add crystal energies to sessions for clients who so desire. Clearing and replacing compromised energy that clogs the harmony and balance of the biofield can enable self-healing that promotes gradual or immediate reduction or relief of symptoms. This is true for the client who lives nearby and prefers hands-on sessions and for those who live far away and schedule their appointments for remote/distance sessions.

Diana Wright Reviews

5.0 of 5 (2)
“Diana, you saved me!!! I was in so much pain from 2 surgeries and just could not find relief until I found you. I felt like I was floating above myself without pain while having a session of Healing Touch. Nothing else had done that for me for quite awhile. I absolutely loved the process and still use it for sleep. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. Love you so much.
“My experience with Diana was unusually rewarding! Walking in feeling one way which I knew as my ‘normal’ pain-filled self, and walking out so very different – light, free feeling and steady! ‘What happened to me?’ I thought. Thanks, so much!

Diana O. Wright, HTCP
2 Reviews

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