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eLearning Specialist- Quantun Therapy; Introspective Hypnosis; Hablamos español

Thank you for stopping by. También hablo español. 😊 I'm a QHHT Level 2, Aurelio Mejia method, Reiki, BioPsychologist & Nutrition expert.

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About me

I've always been fascinated by the functioning of the brain. I studied bio psychology and abnormal psychology. Computers and graphic design became my forté as I was adamant to express visual ideas, then e-learning specialist consultant mostly for medical device companies, this allowed me to learn even more about the functioning of the body.
Living in Mexico half of my life has made me fully bilingual and bicultural, so I became a certified translator.
My spiritual journey began in 2018, after a NDE that left me hungry for the discovery of what is "out there", as what I saw, felt and the place I went was so real. I had heard of the past life regression teachers back in my college days so I decided to take a deep dive into their work. I found out that Dolores Cannon was teaching her technique and now I'm a Level 2. Then I expanded my knowledge by taking Reiki and the Aurelio Mejia method.
Lastly, I finally accepted the gift of mediumship that I knew I had since I was a child but had to keep quiet so not to be a bully target.
I now embrace it so I can be of help to humanity. I've discovered methods that can cure a person physically and emotionally through quantum healing and hypnosis, personalized nutritional recommendations and personalized meditations . I also had cases where there is no need to cure anything but clients want to enhance their psychic abilities.

My Philosophy of Care

After not being able to walk and being in physical pain for months, spending hundreds of dollars in physical therapy and hearing my doctor say surgery was my only chence but no guarantee. ..I decided to heal myself with quantum healing and I can dance again! After only one session the pain was completely gone. I've seen miracles happen. This is what inspires me every day to do this work.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Laura has the exact energy you would hope to encounter when pursuing a treatment like QHHT. She is professional, warm, safe, and open. Especially, since I was unfamiliar with the process I really appreciated her care to break down the origins, influences and methodologies of the practice at the beginning of our meeting so that I was well informed going in to the treatment. The experience itself was very profound, enlightening, empowering and ultimately continues to unfold for me as I grow with the knowledge I received. What is most remarkable about Laura as an QHHT practitioner is her patience and caring. The first two times we tried induction I felt a lot of personal hesitation to even share that something was keeping me from going. Laura's attitude of openness understanding and generosity to keep trying with me is what ultimately made me feel safe enough to relax release and immerse in the process. I highly recommend Laura as an QHHT practitioner and light work healer and the process of QHHT for self expansion and revelation.
~Mia Xavez

My Inspiration

Is like having a nice nap, with the benefit of waking up to a healed body, relationship, addiction free or have discoverered your life purpose. 😊

Laura Mitre

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