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I am passionate about helping individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. I believe in a holistic approach to all aspects of health-Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

San Diego, CA
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Kota has been helping people for 1 year
Holistic Wellness Coach
The Healthstyle Emporium
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Insitute of Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition
University of California San Diego Extension

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About me

I have a master's degree in Biotechnology. I went on a self-discovery journey and decided to transition into health and wellness. I have always been passionate about food, nutrition, Ayurveda, health, personal growth, and development. It took almost four years to figure out my purpose in life. I am a Research nerd and an avid reader. I love connecting with like-minded people and having conversations about life, interests, and passions. I am an Introvert and I value my alone time a lot. I struggle with Emotional eating and becoming a health coach has really helped me focus on adapting mindful eating practices. I am an advocate of sustainable practices and clean beauty products. I work towards supporting small businesses as much as I can. I prefer ending my weekend over a good show or movie. I am a student of life! I am keen on constantly learning and growing. I have adopted being mindful about my finances and spending time with loved ones than spending time on expensive materialistic things that wouldn't provide any value to my life. I am not 100% there yet but I am proud of how far I have grown as a person.

My Philosophy of Care

I walk the talk. I believe that we all are working in progress!! and that no one is perfect. I want to be real and share my experiences with honesty and vulnerability. I am not here to 'coach' anyone, I am here to facilitate the change you wish to see.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Talk about their journey
what led to work with a health coach
what are their main concerns and how can I help them
Share a little about my process and how I like to work with clients
check with them if they prefer to have multiple sessions with me until they find what they are looking for

My Inspiration

my personal growth and development journey. I wish I had someone to talk to when I was lost and confused. I want to help individuals believe in themselves and that they should be proud of how far they have come. I am an Empath so I always put myself in others' shoes and try to understand their perspective without being judgemental. All of us are beautiful and unique on our own and let's connect with our inner self.

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Ramya Kota Answers
A job change can be stressful. It's important to check with yourself what prompted you to change jobs in the first place? does this provide at least a couple of things you are looking for? Is the stress only from the job or due to any personal issues? journaling could be a very powerful tool to find some answers. There are many ways for stress management. Book a free consultation with me so we can work together and I can help with some tips and techniques. https://heal.me/ramyakota24
Ramya Kota Answers
There are a lot of factors that could lead to feeling this way. It could be low energy levels, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, not being happy with work or life in general, unhealthy relationships. It's important to address it from a Holistic perspective. you can check out my profile at heal.me/ramyakota24 and book a free consultation so we work together in addressing the root cause
Ramya Kota Answers
Everyone!! Educating ourselves on balanced eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle. working with a coach will help take those first few steps and will nudge you in the right direction so you can help yourself and your family to eat healthily.

Ramya Kota

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