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Helping you pick up the pieces to create an even more beautiful life.

Downers Grove, IL
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Ryan has been helping people for 14 years
Healing Touch Professional Association
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
ACEP: Association for Comprehensive Eneergy Psychoogy.
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

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Energy Healing and Transformation
Ryan uses a focused, compassionate, client-centered approach ensuring deep healing at a safe pace. His intuitive interactive style guides the healing session. Following the energy and your responses emotional energy blocks are identified and resolved. Ryan believes once emotional energy is allowed to flow, physical ailments can be addressed. The dynamic approach relies on the body's own healing capabilities. We allow the energy changes to settle freeing the body and spirit to heal at its own pace. When necessary, Ryan intervenes directly with energy techniques to ease pain and kick-start the healing. Ryan’s client-centered philosophy means you always have control and have the authority to say “No” to any technique, intervention, or healing situation that arises. He respects your religious and spiritual views meaning he will use and follow techniques consistent with your desires and beliefs. The healing work never interferes with medicines, medical or mental health treatments, or sessions from other energy healers. Ryan’s work safely compliments any other interventions. Call to schedule an appointment, 630-730-1227
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Ryan is based in Downers Grove, IL and offers virtual services to people all over the world
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About me

Every journey is one of becoming. My journey to become a healer and a coach started in 2005 as a healer's client and student. Something in my life was wrong though it appeared I had everything a normal American should want. So I forced myself to have an open mind when I met the man who became my healer, my teacher, my guide, and my friend. He gave to me the power to see myself. He allowed me to decide who I might become. I didn't know that choice would take me through deep emotional turmoil, spiritual quests, and to the most joyous awakening of my life.

I emerged a seeding ready to embark upon the the journey to become your coach, your healer, your friend. On this journey I have been so moved by the journeys women face that I redefined my own beliefs, opened my heart's compassion, and changed my part in their journeys.

I can list various techniques and certifications I've earned. Those milestones on my journey were simply to become a small part of your present journey. I guide you back to your true power because I trust you to have all the answers even if you don't ask the right questions.. I stand with you when you need a friend to hold your hand. I hold the light for you to see your way to your plans and dreams. I create a compassionate space so you can accept, love, and forgive all those secrets you keep. I am in service to you because you deserve to see how beautiful you are.

My Philosophy of Care

I can't really say I was inspired as much as I was called to do it. Once I recognized the deep seated anger I held came from my denying my own sense of service, I was able to break free of the blinders and accept the miracles of energy work. My spirituality blossomed clearing my path to being in service to others. I keep my day job so I can devote myself to the sacredness of serving others on their journey to becoming who they are.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Client are always excited. They typically express that they feel lighter, more optimistic, energized. Often pain disappears as pent up emotions are released. Insights are common. Clients frequently have A-ha moments as sudden clarity arrives.

My Inspiration

I would want to know if it works. Yes, it does. In all cases, you will feel changes immediately. Some are subtle while some are more pronounced. The best results come from multiple sessions over time. The time allows you to integrate the changes physically, emotionally, spiritually, and thoughtfully.

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Ryan Gagala

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