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Approach the WHOLE YOU releasing chronic & systemic compensation patterns for lifelong healing. Remove the Issues from your tissues TODAY.

Denver, CO
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Meeting inside of a Himalayan Salt Room, enjoy a deeply cleansing and rejuvenating hands on session with Susan. Prepare to learn new ways to unwind, literally! From hand & feet massage, hip and shoulder rehab to global spinal health, this therapeutic power hour is for everyone from athletes to aging/recovering bodies. Love yourself enough for true healing.
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Susan Schroeder Answers
I notice often when working with soft tissue especially, a hands-on therapeutic session can feel great but as soon as you sit in the car or go back to your daily normals, old pattern sets in which can cause the body, nervous system, connective tissue to trigger a healing response. This often causes a tensing in the body since there is likely a misalignment which was temporarily removed, but life caused it to reverse back. I have personally helped to release my chronic headaches by working with my moment to moment spinal alignment & strengthening the myofascial network to help hold the body in suspension as a new pattern of lightness & ease. Reach out if you're curious for more longterm support & to help set up the body up to heal itself
Susan Schroeder Answers
Hi Cliff, i'd love to hear your success rate with anything you've tried since this Q was posted. Muscular tightness, inflammation, extremely limited joint range of motion can shift VERY quickly when you approach the entire myofascial network as a system creating uniform tone across the body. With a specific spinal alignment within tissue strength, the body can repattern quickly which allows the nerves to feel less triggered & under duress. Once the fight or flight response dissipates, the chronic tightness can begin to ease around the skeleton allowing for more flow & lymphatic drainage to help carry out toxicity in the muscle tissues. I teach clients how to mold their own muscles/soft tissue to create more fluid like pumping through them as a way to help release this whole body tightening. The response is VERY fast & longlasting, it's a game changer, hands down. Let me know if you are curious to learn more. Good luck
Susan Schroeder Answers
Hi Alishia, I know its been a few months since you posted but I would love to hear what your latest results have been, are you still seeking longterm healing? My clients have had incredible success relieving hip/knee/lumbar pain, sciatica, piriformis tightness, even tingling/numbness with my approach to the spine & myofascia relationship, tensegrity. We actually learn how to lift weight off the hips & pelvis to realign the lower spinal curve & relationship to the legs. Once the skeleton is aligned in an optimal way, the connective tissue strengthening builds up bone density & healthy range of motion which is what will keep the hip joints healthy as a long game approach to function. My modality is a game changer, hands down, and leaves my clients empowered to move with more effective ease in their day. Reach out to chat more, you'd be surprised how quickly you can feel better & for good.

Susan Schroeder

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