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Rebecca Kastin, NBC-HWC
Rebecca Kastin, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach for Women, with a passion for Intuitive Eating, Lifestyle Changes and Whole Food Approach
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Rebecca Kastin, NBC-HWC

About me

About me
Rebecca is an NBC-HWC, National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She helps create sustainable lasting change through intuitive eating, whole food, and lifestyle changes.

She works with her clients through Intuitive Eating, a philosophy that makes you the expert of your body’s innate nutritional needs. It’s an empowering process, which not only promotes health but is also your doorway to liberation from the prison of diet culture and weight obsession.


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“My entire life! I had poor eating, working, sleeping, and physical habits when I came to Rebecca for help. I knew I needed to change things, But I had no idea where to begin and my priority, I thought, was to lose weight and everything w...”
Rebecca over 3 years ago
“Working with Rebecca was fantastic. She taught me a lot about food prep, motivation/psyche most of all. I was extremely conscious of what I was eating. Rebecca’s 5 Day Reset kept my conscience clear of eating crap. I was more in tune wit...”
F.D over 3 years ago
“I’ve tried so many different ways to loose weight, that didn’t work. Now I know that there is an easier way that fits me and my family. Its not as hard as I thought with Rebecca’s compassionate guidance to help us transform my family’s ...”
Sara over 3 years ago
“Rebecca is warm, empathetic and knowledgable. She helped me with my food choices, my acceptance of myself and with my relationship to food.”
Sue over 3 years ago
“Working on becoming healthier with Rebecca has been fabulous! In a gentle but encouraging way, she kept me thinking about changes I could make to my diet and lifestyle to meet my health goals and advance along the path toward overall wel...”
Brandy over 3 years ago
“Rebecca is a very supportive coach. With her support I was able to meet my goals. Rebecca was amazing at empowering me and she inspired me to succeed. She is always available and gave me different options to help me be successful. Rebecc...”
Justina over 3 years ago
“Rebecca is easy and fun to work with. She really listens and helps find ways to meet your goals. She supplied me with much nutrition information, and in our weekly conversations she touched on each of my goals, helped me track my progres...”
Clarita over 3 years ago
“Delighted with the results of working with Rebecca. She made it easier and more enjoyable to become healthier and kick some of the bad eating habits that most of us fall into. No yoyo dieting just great information and help leading to a ...”
Jay over 3 years ago
“Since working with Rebecca I have less cravings, lost 21 lbs and feel healthy with more energy. She is extremely informative and helpful explaining how to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying some of my favorite foods. I recom...”
Julian over 3 years ago


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Rebecca Kastin, NBC-HWC

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