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Mandy Rother
Mandy Rother
Functional Dietitian-Nutritionist Specializing in Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), PCOS, Anxiety, Depression, and IBS
I help clients achieve peaceful periods & balanced moods with lab assessments, functional medicine, and personalized nutrition.
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Functional Nutrition Strategy Session

Let's get to know each other! During this 30-minute strategy session we'll: 1. Review your journey thus far + your current diet and lifestyle 2. Discuss what's holding you back...

Free · 30 minutes

PMDD Strategy Session

During our PMDD Strategy Session, we'll talk about how to stop guessing and take Strategic Action for More Peaceful Periods. The proprietary 4-phase framework outlines the ess...

Free · 45 minutes

PMDD Strategy Session
Mandy Rother

About me

About me
Unlike conventional band-aid solutions that solely focus on suppressing symptoms, I take a whole-person approach to reveal what's standing in the way of your goals so you can stop GUESSING and work with your body instead of against it. Think of it as nutrition science meets compassionate coaching.

Physiology, environment, genetics, and even personality and core beliefs all impact what will work for YOU. The answer lies within personalization. Together, we’ll uncover the root issues driving your symptoms and create an actionable plan to optimize health.

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Functional Nutrition
Women's Health
Hormone Balance
Weight Loss
Brain Health
Menstrual Disorders
Brain Fog
“I started working with Mandy because I was tired all the time, had low energy, foggy brain, and struggled to lose weight. She really took time to dig in deeper to what was going on and help solve the problem I was having. She worked with...”
Erin over 3 years ago
“I was experiencing amenorrhea for 4 years. I was also experiencing gut issues, lack of energy, increased cravings, and trouble sleeping. She took the time to educate me on my blood work. We implemented small changes, and we had follow-up...”
Kelsey over 3 years ago
“Before working with Mandy, I was dealing with PMDD on my own. I decided to work with her because she knows exactly what I’m going through and doesn’t sugar coat the hard stuff. Working with her has helped me become more self-aware of my ...”
Gina over 3 years ago
“Before working with Mandy I was fatigued, experiencing brain fog, and dealing with stagnant weight. I decided to work with Mandy because she is compassionate, kind and non-judgmental. Mandy has the kindest language that she uses to talk ...”
Amy over 3 years ago
“Before meeting Mandy, I was very frustrated and upset with my quality of life. I felt like I didn't have any control over my life due to PMDD symptoms. It was almost like fate when I received an email from Mandy. I wanted to find a dieti...”
Molly over 3 years ago
“Before working with Mandy I was completing a workout challenge that left me with very low calories and a very high exercise regimen. I was at a standstill with my goals and my actual workouts. My physical and mental health were suffering...”
Katrina over 3 years ago


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Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist


Offers in-person sessions
Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English and Spanish
Works with teenagers and adults
Works with individuals, couples, and group sessions
I respond in ~24 hours
2939 Washburn Circle Washburn Circle
Richfield, MN 55423

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I'm based in Edina, MN, and offer in-person and video sessions.

Mandy Rother

Edina, MN

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