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Sacha Fossa, Master's in Health Arts & Sciences
Sacha Fossa, Master's in Health Arts & Sciences
Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Educator & Healing Arts Practitioner
I guide and support clients in discovering and creating their unique Best Sex & Love Lives. Partnered or not! Through custom designed intimate and erotic arts coaching, education and healing arts sessions and programs. Including Tantra and the Erotic Blueprints!
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Complimentary Consultation-to learn more about services

Radically Improve Your Sex & Love Life Now!  Schedule Your Complimentary  Consultation... *Please note...only serious students/clients welcome.  If you are not prepared to make...

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Complimentary Consultation-to learn more about services

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*Sacred Temple Arts Taster!* You are invited to experience a single session of sex, intimacy, relationship and/or wellness whispering. On this private one hour phone (or video) ...

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Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching & Education custom designed personal support and experiential practices that will awaken, empower and transform your sex, love, and life. ...

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(Your!) Best Sex & Love Life Session

Best Sex & Love Life Program(s)

You Receive: Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching & Education custom designed personal support and experiential practices that will awaken, empower and transform your sex, lov...

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Best Sex & Love Life Program(s)

Intimate & Erotic Arts Private Custom Designed Summer Sessions

For Your Pleasure! Adults Need Play Time, Too! Private Custom Designed Pleasure Camp For Your Erotic Expansion These are your personalized sessions to receive... the cutting ...

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Intimate & Erotic Arts Private Custom Designed  Summer Sessions
Sacha Fossa, Master's in Health Arts & Sciences

About me

I am a Holistic Healing and Wellness, Intimate and Erotic Arts-
Sexpert! :)
With a Master’s degree in Healing Arts & Sciences plus expertise in an array of healing modalities including:
-Energy and Bodywork: Reiki-Master, Touch For Health, Unlimited Body, Access Consciousness and many more
-Wellness Coaching and Education: especially Essential Oils, Flower and Gem Essences, Custom Blends & Consultations
-Meditation and Breathwork
-Intuitive Readings and Spirit Communication
-Ancient and Modern Tantra
I offer these modalities separately and weave them into my custom designed Sex, Intimacy and Relationship-Intimate and Erotic Arts coaching and educational sessions and programs.

Most people are stumbling around in the dark about sex, intimacy and relationships. Our society has designed it that way. Inciting shame around and even inverting the actual facts and realities of positive and accurate sex and relationship educations.
Yet most of us still desire an amazing sex and love life!
Whatever that looks like to us! Each individual is so unique in. It depends greatly on factors such as their Love Languages, Erotic Wiring (aka Erotic Blueprints), Attachment Styles and more. We cover all of these in our work together. I provide you with a sex, intimacy and relationship education and IQ that is 99% above the rest of humanities.

-Raise your awareness so you become attuned to your own turn-ons and those of your lover
-Help you get embodied if you have a problem getting connected and feeling your own pleasure
-Bridge the gap between you and lover’s different erotic styles, aka Erotic Blueprints™ and use the Blueprints to help you break through “sexual incompatibility”
-Teach you new skills and practices to constantly increase your turn on and sexual satisfaction
-Increase your confidence in the bedroom
-Discover and breakthrough any emotional, biochemical, bio-energetic or physical blocks keeping you from having what you want
-Hold you accountable for creating the satisfaction you crave
-Prioritize your pleasure!

Why not prioritize your pleasure and connection with others, intimately and erotically?
Many are skeptical at first about whether working with a sex coach would be worth the money or the time. Those unwilling to make such an investment will not experience a whole new way of life and living that focuses on more pleasure in all aspects of ones body and life. Along this journey of having great sex (solo is just as valued!), you will look and feel younger and have more fun!

Sex, intimacy and relationship coaches come in all different forms. Many are not at all informed or trained in trauma, tantra, real sex and relationship education, healing arts and actual wellness. All of which I am highly trained professionally trained in. Except I am more trauma informed, as my training came more so from personal severe trauma of many types, and my ongoing journey of healing.

My personal journey of ongoing learning and healing through intensive real-life education, academic degrees, trainings and certifications brought me to an unwavering commitment to guiding others on their paths to becoming confident lovers and erotic masters. 

My credentials include: 
-Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences
-Advanced Certified Tantric Educator
-Sex Educator Certified
-Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™
-Female Ejaculation And The G-Spot Teacher 
-Certifications 30+ Healing Arts Therapies
-2 decades of training and practice in the Holistic, Wellness, Intimate and Erotic Arts

Working with a Sex Coach like myself, is far more than just about sex :)
We will take a holistic approach to your overall, intimate and erotic health, wellness and pleasure!
For your embodied education, empowerment, expansion and
Ecstatic Living! 

I have cultivated the art of teaching illumined Eros by passing safely between the monsters of tight-assed moralism on the one side, and uncaring hedonism on the other. Both of which can threaten all who wish to embrace what is innately good and profound about the sexual. Beyond these forces that try to impede erotic flourishing, there is a realm of erotic freedom and ethical sexual adventure. There shame gives way to cherishing this beautiful aspect of our humanity. Stale patterns of boredom and fear are transformed into the wonder and ongoing fascination of exploring our deeply human embodiment. With this comes acceptance of your own body, no matter how much it deviates from conventional images of sexiness. An increased capacity to see the beauty in your body and the body of others opens as the wonderful human capacity for erotic power and appreciation grows. I have sought and practiced the meaning of erotic unfolding. With sensitivity to each unique individual who seeks my support for moving into the precious realm of erotic awakening, I offer the gifts of my experience.
May I guide you respectfully and with pleasure into the realms of healthy and expansive, adventurous as desired, erotic attainment?

Isn’t Now The Time To At Least Improve Your Sex And Love Life?
Partnered Or Not!
Being the greatest lover is not at all what most people think. Sure, it includes the best skills and techniques for touching bodies, and arousing them intensely through all types of sexual play. These skills are fascinating. I love sharing many delightful strategies and secrets of erotic stimulation with my clients. Even more importantly, amazing lovers are those who know and love their own body, which serves as a basis for loving, and sensitively exploring the body of another. They play consciously with expanding pleasure in their own body, and with the embodied spirit of a lover. Which is a way of finding joy in life itself!

As a woman who embodies this, allow me to bring you the most important, usually missing, somatic experiences necessary to become a great lover. These learned skills I will teach you soon become natural. An integral part of you as a lover and as a multi orgasmic, as well as dimensional, human being.

Experience the transformative power of pleasure, intimacy, erotic wellness and empowerment through uniquely tailored programs that foster holistic well-being, nurture intimate relationships, and cultivate profound innate fulfillment. I will guide you to discover the life-saving, health-promoting, exciting and juicy intimacy you’ve been wanting in your body and in your life foremost, so that you can flourish no matter what happens!

I look forward to meeting you whether you are just ready to begin your sexual and relationship healing and being journey, you are somewhere on this path already, or you already have an incredible sex and love life. Erotic mastery and achievement is not a finite set of skills, but an infinitely fascinating, ever-expanding journey toward more erotic sensitivity and intuition, as well as knowledge. Many of my clients are already adept at some erotic practices, but come to me because they want even MORE! Wherever you are at, there is so much more ease and joy available when you learn to play and dance with life, orgasmically, by Being naturally more of you. And that is real sexiness!

Sacred Temple Arts Provides Custom Designed Programs for Your Overall, Intimate and Erotic, Health, Wellness, and Pleasure!
Visit my website for more information about me and my services.
I'm based in Newburyport, MA, and offer virtual and in-person sessions.

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“Sacha is an amazing healer full of goddess energy. I loved working with her. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate.”
Anonymous15 min ago
“Sacha is unique. She is genuine and non-conforming. You can feel her energy immediately whether in person or virtually. I became familiar with her talents after seeing her on Facebook and booking an appointment for me and my wife. We had...”
Anonymous15 min ago
“Sacha is an amazing, heart centered, intuitive, and gifted practitioner/healer in the realm of sacred sexuality. She has the greatest wealth of knowledge and the most modalities to use for your healing of any practitioner I know in the ...”
Anonymous3 days ago
“Sacha doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She is very well educated in a variety of healing modalities and naturopathic healing, but she really shines in helping individuals and couples deal with getting I. Touch positively w...”
Heather 5 days ago
“Sacha has an amazing gift for healing. I saw her after my divorce when I felt broken in every sense. Sacha listened carefully to my story and matched her therapies and lessons perfectly. I became far more in touch with my body, happier, ...”
Jessica 5 days ago
“"I may be struggling with problems even larger than my intimacy concerns, but you’ve already had at least three significant positive effects on me. You’ve helped me shed a lot of the burden of my terrible body image and I’ve stopped runn...”
Man 8 days ago
“Working with Sacha has helped my life in a multitude of ways. I have a greater sense of well-being thanks to her teaching and advisement, and have integrated practices into my life I would not have known about previously. Sacha is kind, ...”
Anonymous9 days ago
““Sacha combines fun with substance on the topic of sex. Because she is comfortable with herself, she makes you feel comfortable to figure out what you want to explore and do so in a safe space. She’s gone ahead and mapped out the way for...”
Anonymous9 days ago
““It truly has been a wonderful exploration as a couple, but also as individuals.  I know for me, our time with you has been full of revelations that were sometimes not easy, but always important and part of the journey. I think we both w...”
L 11 days ago
““I have had the honor of Sacha’s coaching and alternative healing expertise for over 4 years and she has been a lifeline to me.  As a perimenopausal woman she has helped me learn how to harness my own feminine power during chaotic menstr...”
J 23 days ago


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Master of Arts - Health Arts and Sciences
Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach
Advanced Certified Tantra Educator
The Queen's Code Workshop
Reiki Master/Teacher


Offers virtual sessions
Speaks English
Works with adults and seniors
Works with individuals, couples, and veterans
I respond in ~24 hours

Schedule a free discovery call now.

I'm based in Newburyport, MA, and offer virtual sessions.

Sacha Fossa, Master's in Health Arts & Sciences

Newburyport, MA

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