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Stacy Claxton
Stacy Claxton
Transformational Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner
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Stacy Claxton

About me

About me
As an integrative health practitioner, transformational coach, and group facilitator specializing in resolving trauma, I adeptly weave Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into all my work. EFT, also known as tapping, is one of the simplest, most effective tools for shifting the body to a place of safety, healing, and connection where amazing changes happen.


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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Emotional Health
Feeling Stuck In Life
Limiting Beliefs
Mental Health
“Stacy Claxton helped me to recognize the importance of processing through trauma of my past so that I do not continue to carry those emotions into my present and future. I began working with her to release a lot of emotions that I had be...”
Marian over 3 years ago
“I started working with Stacy because I had experienced some major openings, but still felt held back by old patterns and not fully able to integrate new visions and new growth into daily life. Within a couple months of working with Stacy...”
"An over 3 years ago
“Stacy is an incredible practitioner. She holds the space for her clients to unearth whatever needs to come up. My session with Stacy was absolutely transformative. She helped me unearth some deep blockages that I have been carrying aroun...”
Rebecca over 3 years ago
“Stacy has helped open my eyes so much to dig deep into areas of my life that have brought true healing. She gave me tools to work with that have transformed my life for the better, in ways that I never thought were possible. It has been...”
Ann over 3 years ago
“Stacy is my "therapist," my coach, my spiritual guide, my friend. Without her help and accountability over the last year, I would not be the person I am today...the person I am proud to be today. The healthiest I have ever been. I still ...”
Anne over 3 years ago
“Stacy gifted me something that’s priceless—deep healing. She dove into the depths with me and helped me liberate my authentic voice.”
Janelle over 3 years ago
“I was a highly critical, controlling codependent stuck in the same deadly, isolating patterns, but Stacy taught me how to embrace my past wounds, my current feelings, and future thoughts with a childlike curiosity. She made a point to cr...”
Stephanie over 3 years ago
“I can’t thank Stacy enough for all she’s done for me over the past nine months. I’m not the same person I was when I met her. I’ve learned so much about healthy living, nutrition, natural remedies, managing stress and anxiety, and a mill...”
Jess over 3 years ago
“Stacy has such an ease about her and I felt very comfortable immediately. I felt like she really cares about how I feel and makes the effort to guide me and show me how to help myself. Thank You!”
Ruthie over 3 years ago
“Highly recommend Stacy! Her techniques brought me so much more control of my emotions and how to allow ourselves to really be whoever we say we want to be. Letting go and allowing is what I felt through just one session! Amazing!”
Javi over 3 years ago


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Stacy Claxton

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