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9 Craniosacral Therapists in Minneapolis, MN
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Tony Schwartz LMT, MAT, CES

Orthopedic Bodyworker and Massage Therapist
4161 Minnehaha Ave, #2, Minneapolis MN 55406, United States Hiawatha
5.0 (1 review)
"Tony is a very talented and knowledgeable professional. When he and I first started talking to me about my upcoming full knee replacement, he told me about his experience working with clients who were dealing with orthopedic issues and well as women preparing for childbirth. We discussed what he could do to prepare my leg for the trauma of surgery and he told me that it would aid in my recovery. WOW, he was right! I had one knee replaced in 2010 and my recovery was long and painful. With Tony's skills and approach, he prepared my leg so well prior to surgery that I was walking without an assistive device (walker, crutches or cane) three days after surgery. Furthermore, at my first PT session just seven days after surgery, the flexion in my new knee was 115 degrees with the goal being 120 degrees after two weeks. (I did make it to 122 degrees!) Now, Tony is helping me post-surgery. I had an appointment with him last week and yesterday I was able to walk normally up five flights of stairs in the building where I work. Two weeks prior, I could not do that! I attribute it all to Tony and his knowledge, experience and skill. I gladly and highly recommend Tony to you if you are dealing with any kind of orthopedic issues or are facing surgery. Being 10 years older than I was after my first surgery, I cannot imagine how difficult my post-operative recovery would have been had I not met Tony and secured his services. One of the best decisions I have ever made!"

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