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7 Hypnotherapists in San Francisco, CA
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Rachel Yellin

Childbirth Educator, Pregnancy & Relaxation Expert, and Audio Relaxation Program
3200 California St, Webinars, Skype, Audio Programs, San Francisco CA 94118, United States Presidio Heights
5.0 (6 reviews)
"My husband and I are so happy we took Rachel's birth class, and recommend it so highly to everyone we know that's looking for birth prep. Rachel is incredibly knowledgable and uses the hypnobirthing approach to help empower women and their partners to access their innate strength and wisdom. The class was extremely informative, and I left feeling that I had tools to draw on for the birth. She's also extremely funny and engaging - she has a way of delivering so much information effectively and with so much humor that at times I felt like I was at a standup show. When I took Rachel's class, it was 2.5 months before my due date and I had a hospital birth planned. She took the time to speak with me 1:1 and guided me to speak with a homebirth midwife for the purpose of learning about it - even if was to confirm my decision to have a hospital birth. I then ultimately chose to have a homebirth and it was the best decision that I could have made for myself (with appreciation to all couples making decisions that are right for them). I appreciated that she guided me to make an informed decision, having opened me up to more knowledge about options I had. I had an incredibly positive birth experience. Throughout the pregnancy I listened to her audio tapes, which were also very useful in preparing for birth - through the breathing exercises, I felt more prepared to be in my body and access my inner strength. If you're looking for a birth class that's empowering, informative and humorous - take Rachel's class!"

Dr. Liz Powell, Psy. D.

3490 20th St, San Francisco CA 94110, United States Mission District
5.0 (1 review)
"I’ve been a fan of yours ever since you joined the crew of the Life on the Swingset podcast. So I was particularly glad to find your page and YouTube video, “How to Talk to Your Partner about STIs Without Shame” ( when I googled ‘sex positive information gonorrhea’. After more than three decades in a traditional, monogamous relationship, my partner and I began exploring consensual non-monogamy a while back. She has been the one to lean into it more cautiously than I have, only going on a few casual first dates that never evolved into ongoing sexual/romantic relationships. But a couple weeks ago we went to a party where she met a guy she thought was pretty hot and who made his attraction for her plainly evident. With full consent of all parties, they slipped off to the back of the house and enjoyed some sexy time together. A few days later, she began to have some physical symptoms that sent her to the doctor where the results of gonorrhea came back yesterday. Imagine being monogamous for over 30 years, and having that as a consequence of your first sexual encounter outside your primary relationship. So, she kinda freaked out and her brain went to worst case scenario immediately. When she called me from the doctor’s office to tell me, and to say the doctor wants me to come in today for my own antibiotic vaccination, I quickly googled basic information on gonorrhea. I tried to reassure her that this was no big deal, easily treatable, and would be history in a couple weeks. She woke up this morning still freaking out a little. So I grabbed my laptop, ran a new Google search for good sex+ info and came across your video that I linked above and we watched it together with our morning coffee. Your video was super helpful in putting her mind at ease and helping her gain some perspective. Besides the antibiotic for the bacterial infection, your video has been the best medicine to treat the worst side effect of this, her embarrassment. With the help of your video, I will also be communicating with my one other partner and we will probably share the information with a small circle of friends on the off chance we’ve misjudged the transmission vector. So I just wanted to reach out say thank you. Thanks for putting this out there and making it so accessible, so understandable and . . . so damn normal. We really appreciate what you are doing."

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