anyone have any luck with healing Ulcerative Colitis? -

anyone have any luck with healing Ulcerative Colitis?

I feel like if tried every way of eating out there and can't reduce or get off meds. I'm sure they are part of my side affects.

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Linda Lile, PhD, BCST, ABD
Gemstones are extremely powerful carriers of life force energy.

I have MUCH experience with alternative and holistic therapies having been on a cancer journey myself for over a year now. I am well familiar with an amazing network of highly skilled holistic docs in Tijuana
just over the border from San Diego. Am happy to offer a free initial consult and share Mexico contacts who offer free consults. In my practice I also work with clearing the underlying unconscious belief systems that eventually mainifest as critical illnesses. I do this in my office as well as remotely. [email protected]

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