Are collagen peptides beneficial? -

Are collagen peptides beneficial?

I've been using collagen peptides for a few months and really haven't noticed any changes in my skin. Curious if others use it and what they have seen in their own health.

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Sam Baron
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Hi Carlee, congratulations on experimenting with collagen! It's one of those few supplements that most of us need and has few to none side-effects. 80% of the protein in the body is collagen, and we are simply not getting it in the modern diet.

Echoing some previous comments, I would check on supporting nutrients (nothing works in isolation). If skin quality is your goal, then fat-soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A, which is best found in its usable form (retinol) in organ meats, egg yolks and dairy from pastured animals. Those foods will also provide other vital vitamins and minerals that support skin, bone and joint health. Good luck!

Minal Rajan, NTP
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Hi Carlee - In addition to what Lois has said above, like you to think about a few more things that could help enhance the benefits of collagen peptides. Hydration -- healthy Skin needs a lot of it -- drinking pure water with help flush the toxins out of your body and since the skin is your largest organ it is exposed to environmental toxins from the outside and dietary toxins from the inside. Fats - along with Collagen, fats are needed for supple skin. No amount of skincare products can compensate for lack of healthy dietary fats that nourish the cells systemically. And last not the least --adopt a healthy skin detox routine. Dry Brushing, sauna's and bouncing are all helpful in moving the lymph and eliminating toxins. Together all these regimes will help with a healthy glowing skin.

Lois Pratt
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Usually what is noticed is a difference in hair quality and having to cut your nails much more often! I tell clients that if they notice that on the outside, think of what is happening on the inside. Collagen is something we may need as we get older since the body sometimes has less to work with and this protein is instrumental as a building block. How much you notice depends on where you are starting out. Obviously, if you are highly depleted, the change will be more noticeable. Also, be sure the brand you are using is clearly marked as coming from 100% pasture raised animals. Cows feeding off of grains are not only less healthy but glycosphate can be concentrated in the powder.

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