Can you help someone who hears voices -

Can you help someone who hears voices

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Keridak Silk, MS, CCH
Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Intuitive Counselor, And Author

Yes. I agree with the others that there can be many reasons why you hear voices. The first step would be an assessment. I work with many people who discover that the voices are spirit. These may be guides, friends or relatives who have crossed over, sensitivity to the thoughts of others, or lost souls that attach because the find someone who can hear them. I have years of intuitive experiences and practices. I also hold a Masters in Counseling. With this background I can help discern if there are physical causes, some medications, trauma, brain disorders can also create the sense of hearing voices. I have tools to work with these issues as well.

Sage Breslin, PhD
I use intuitively-driven strategies to empower clients to embrace personal change in order to evoke personal & professional transformation.

I've had a lot of folks show up during the last 25 years with the concern that they're "crazy" because they hear voices. When I meet with clients who are hearing voices that others may not hear, my goal is to determine whether or not the voices are related to psychoses (like schizophrenia), medication and/or drug use, or whether or not the individual is intuitive or highly sensitive.

There are some relatively simple questions that enable clinicians to determine which phenomenon is actually occurring and once we can move past that, we can get down to the task of managing "the voices."

I have a number of colleagues who work with psychototic people to diminish the voices or the impact that they're having. Often, supportive care and medication is the best combination for that. And, while I treated psychotic people in the early part of my career, it's not in my wheelhouse anymore.

For those who are strung out on illicit or prescription drugs and hearing voices as a result, I have a wonderful roster of clinicians and facilities that can be very helpful with the recovery process and much of the time, this is a successful way to resolve the voices.

When it comes to the spiritual sources for "voices", you've entered my wheelhouse. Born clairvoyant, I often saw things that other people couldn't, leaving me feeling weird and isolated. Eventually I got into training to harness my gifts and they became an amazing complement to the work that I do as a coach and psychologist. So, for those that are perhaps hearing messages from the beyond, feel free to contact me and we'll get you sorted out!

I start with the seat of your soul, your energy, and consciousness. I meet you where you are on all levels, mentally, emotionally, spirituality and beyond. Together we uncover hidden emotions and feelings weighing you down, shift you into empowerment and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit to enhance your intuitive healing abilities.

The world around is changing so rapidly on all levels. I would first question what is happening in your life, situations, and scenarios surrounding you, what are you choosing not to look at or perhaps don't know who to embrace the change.

On an energetic level, there are many reasons why you might hear voices from higher beings trying to get your attention for several reasons. I would love to delve deeper into a conversation to learn more about the situation as a whole.

Rebecca Abraxas
Remember Your Greatness! Beautiful journeyer, are you ready for your next step in your awakening journey- to feel happy for no reason, to open your awareness, and to grow in unconditional love?

Hi Roland. Hearing voices can be lots of different things. I have worked with this before. It would require a few more questions to find out where to take this.

I am a Master Energy Healer. My Sole/Soul purpose is to help you shine your light! This is done through Integrative Energy Healing.

I would first ask, are these voices being heard saying negative or harmful things to the person or about other people? Are these voices attacking with words of despair, hopelessness, doubt, worthlessness, or fear? Or are these voices asking for help, trying to communicate, or giving advice for well-being? There are unseen forces and influences for our well-being and also for self destruction. We must first identify which is happening. Not all "voices" have ill intent. Sometimes the person hearing voices are extra sensitive to the non corporeal realm. I have worked with people who have a "attachment" of ill intent spirits who have either a) not crossed over (earthbound) or b) other entities that like to influence through a person's mind who is going through hard ships mentally already. And I have also worked with highly gifted individuals who can perceive the "other side" and can be of assistance to them and others. If you would like to talk further about this please feel free to reach out and contact me and we can dive deeper into what we can do or if we need to do anything. I hope this helps shed some light on the other factors that are at play outside of box so to speak.

Zoe Hofeller
Hey, It’s nice to meet you. I'm a Believer, an Energy Reader/Healer, and a Pathfinder+Creator. I'm a Native English Speaker. How are you doing? What are you thinking?

one more thing, you can tell where the orgins are coming from by making specific statements about what you want and what you don't want. for example, if you say, guides I don't want you to use auditory communication with me, try a different method, and the method changes then it's can be of a higher nature. of course, some spirits understand when you say, hey at this time through this time talk to me and at this time through this time find another way. I come across them and when I'm really tired or just not wanting to deal with it now, I say later.

Your case sounds like its a mix of both positive and guiding voices and negative voices. It's your job to figure out which is which. Also you need to learn how to set boundaries. just like with a person(talk like if u were talking to a person, hey when you do ___ it scares me, can you please find some other way of communicating), if the spirit doesn't listen it can be inner or you are subconsciously attracting the spirit. the good news is you have great potential and that you can learn to understand, interact and if needed push away these voices. If these voices are of lower energy origin, work on your space to raise it's energy.

Zoe Hofeller
Hey, It’s nice to meet you. I'm a Believer, an Energy Reader/Healer, and a Pathfinder+Creator. I'm a Native English Speaker. How are you doing? What are you thinking?

There are vast amounts of different voices you can be hearing. You can be hearing guides, spirit elementals, ascended masters, souls stuck on earth etc..., each vibrate at a certain frequency. So if you raise your frequency and it's harder to hear some of the voices, then you know they aren't meant for you. Your guides like animal guide, spirit guides, and 5d guides won't try to scare you, and they operate at a higher level. There are instances in which people attract either souls who still have ego or a loved one or you connect to something that isn't healthy for you. try 528 htz for raising vibration. also balancing your chakras will raise your vibration, and when that happens only certain beings can be around you. If you want to talk more, message me privately.

I am an intuitive, life coach, minister, hypnotherapist and healer who loves to help people step into the fullness of their own light.

It really depends on the WHY. Are they suffering from a mental health issue? If they have something like schizophrenia, the best way you can help them is to take them to a psychiatrist for treatment. Mental health disorders that involve this sort of thing can be a very difficult to manage without a medical doctor. But some people hear voices for other reasons. Maybe they have intuitive gifts and they’re getting contacted by passed over people. That is more common than you might think. Sometimes someone who hears voices can also be BOTH psychic and have a mental health issue. There is a high correlation between mental health issues and psychic senses opening - it seems that when someone has the ability to psychologically dissociate they have the ability to shut off their logical mind and tune in intuitively. There is also a third possibility here too. Occasionally I see clients who are sort of, for lack of a better term, “being messed with” by lower vibrational energies. These can be spirits, thought forms, or entities. Some shamanic healers can remove energies around someone that may be contributing to their discomfort. I don’t personally do this work, but I have an excellent reference of someone who does. It’s highly specialized work so be careful if you go that route. Go off recommendation.

Kevin Bennett
"Using Muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body's internal computer system and find out where the imbalances are". -Dr Bradley Nelson. based upon the book called "the Emotion Code".

hearing voices may be also stinkin thinkin. or also known as PTSD or trapped emotions . Using muscle testing can find the issues / the blocks/ baggage from the past bullies that you are still playing the movie. lets silent the movie. Read book called the emotion code by dr Bradley Nelson and contact me

Joy Dennis
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I would be most curious about the messages that were being received from the voices. As a hypnotherapist, I understand that the sub-conscious mind is very powerful, and wants to communicate when it is a matter of urgency. Understanding the messages, why they are necessary and the current mental and emotional state of the client would be important information. Because this question doesn't come with more information about what else might be going on or contributing to the mental state of the client, it is tricky to answer in a concrete way. I would say, yes, I can help. Though the scope of that help depends on the other factors or issues that the client may be experiencing.

A transformational life coach who asks, listens, reflects and understands how to make action plans simple and personal change effective.

Thanks for asking the question, Roland. Hearing voices can be pretty disconcerting. There are no doubt various schools of thought, some clinical and some metaphysical. Even psychiatrists have different and sometimes opposing views of the nature of the ability or symptoms of challenged neurocircuitry. Having experienced it throughout my life, even admitting it takes a lot of courage. I believe that most occurrences are super-sensitive surreptitious impressions from source beyond our comprehension, yet mostly helpful to the process of maturing spiritually. Sometimes this is not the case, though thought-management and learning how to be more self-aware is imperative.

When my ability began, it was a bit scary as I thought all the statements that began with "You..." were projected toward me. I was in college with many insecure and self-deprecating kids who turned their perception of inadequacy inside. I locked myself up in my dorm room for a couple days until a friend asked me if it was my voice or others. It was the right question and it helped me to begin to understand. As I continued my studies of mind and matter, it lead toward an expanded awareness of our perceived reality and the 'many worlds' that we are unaware of as of yet. Highly sensitive individuals are an anomaly in society, or have been, so the practice and training for practical applications and even 'normal' functionality are only now just beginning to surface outside the realms of esoteric spiritual environments.

I had a discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on the topic, having both experienced and integrated the ability. I think you'll get a tremendous amount of benefit and even some insights for your own progress.

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine Doctor

I will assume that the voices this person hears are causing them suffering and interfering with their ability to live the life they want, since I don't immediately assume that hearing voices is 'bad'. The question of whether I could help this person is a pretty solid maybe. It would depend a lot on if they were already taking pharmaceutical medications, what kind of support system they had in place in their life, and whether they had access to such things as stable housing, healthy food, etc.

Each person is so individual it's difficult to give a complete answer. However, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy can absolutely help to balance a person's mental/emotional experience, including dealing with voices or other types of hallucinations.

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