Do you get enough Vitamin J (Joy)? -

Do you get enough Vitamin J (Joy)?

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Martin Bessolo
I am a nutritional consultant who helps educate and empowers clients to make healthy food choices and implement and maintain healthy habits.

I find this to be one of those vitamins that the body produces naturally, so keeping the body (as well as the mind) active and well stocked with wholesome nutrients is one of the best ways to get your joy.

The best way to stimulate production of this particular vitamin: just smile. :)

Susan Petang
Certified Dating Coach

I think Vitamin J is a by product of the process of life. It isn't something we can "take" or have a goal to find. It's what happens naturally when we're mindful, positive, and above, all, grateful in all circumstances.

Sure, there are days when the "ribbons of chaos" are swirling around us, and we're not feeling as great as we'd like. The secret to turning it around is asking ourselves, "What's something positive and constructive I can do about this right now? What can I learn from this? What gratitude can I find in it?" There is ALWAYS something for which we can be grateful in every circumstance - even if it's only that we had the strength to survive.

Susan Bare
I help you, heal you.

I do. I do have my days though, I think we all do.

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